Sunday, September 27, 2009

[ARC Review] - A Marquis to Marry

Title: A Marquis to Marry
Author: Amelia Grey
Series: The Rogues' Dynasty
Genre: Historical Romance
Year: 2009

I received this book for review from Sourcebooks.

Summary: The Marquis is shocked to find a Duchess on his doorstep...

When his noble visitor accuses Raceworth of hiding priceless stolen pearls belonging to her family, he's angrier than he's ever been. No way is he going to hand over his grandmother's necklace--not to her and definitely not to the other shady characters who are suddenly in pursuit of him.

Especially when she turns out to be young and beautiful...

Relentless as she is, Susannah, Duchess of Brookfield, refuses to be intimidated by the Marquis' commanding presence, chiseled good looks, or charming smile, and his anger isn't going to stop her either. She has proof the pearls are rightfully hers, and she means to have them--no matter what she has to do.

But when the pearls disappear, Race and Susannah have no choice but to join forces, or something immeasurably precious to them both may be gone forever.

Thoughts: Susannah demands Race return the priceless pearls that were stolen from her family years ago. But Race won't budge. There's no way he's handing over his Grandmother's pearl necklace to anyone...

A Marquis to Marry was full of intrigue, suspense and a wonderful romance. On first meeting Susannah and Race detest each other - but also are very attracted to on another, that always makes for a good story. Ms. Grey is a wonderful storyteller. This the second book in The Rogue's Dynasty series. It's the only one it the series I've read but, as far as I can tell it can be read as a stand alone.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

The Rogues' Dynasty Series:
A Duke to Die For
A Marquis to Marry- October 1, 2009
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  1. Sounds good, thanks for the review :)
    I do have a weak spot of historicals.

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