Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Review] - The Passionate Brood

Title: The Passionate Brood: A Novel of Richard the Lionheart and the Man Who Became Robin Hood
Author: Margaret Campbell Barnes
Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: October 1, 2010

I received this book for review from Sourcebooks.

Summary: In This compelling novel of love, loyalty, and lost chances, Margaret Campbell Barnes gives readers a new perspective on Richard the Lionheart's triumphs and tragedies. Drawing on folklore, Barnes explores what might have happened if King Richard's foster brother were none other than Robin Hood, a legendary figure more vibrant than most in authentic history. Thick as thieves as Richard builds a kingdowm and marshals a crusade, the two clash when Robin Hood so provokes the king's white-hot temper that Richard banishes him. The Passionate Brood is a tale of a man driven to win back the Holy Land, beset by the guilt of casting out his childhood friend, and shouldering the burden of being the lionhearted leader of the Plantagenets.

Thoughts: The Passionate Brood was originally published in 1944 under the name Like Us They Lived. This is a story of Richard the Lionheart, the crusades and much more. But it also asks the question what if Robin Hood of Legend was Richard's foster brother.

The Passionate Brood was an interesting and lively story. I was impressed with how easy this book was to read compared to other Historical Fictions. The writing made the reading experience an enjoyable one. I loved that the author has mixed history with folklore. Brilliant and rich in detail. The story plays like a movie in your head. Ms. Barnes has done a smashing job bring the time and characters to life.

Score: 4 Stars

Memorable Quotes:
From now on he--who had shared the home of the proud Plantagenets-- was of less account than the pigs that routed along the sides of the road.

-Robin (when he is made outlaw by Richard the Lionheart)

Author Website: GoodReads profile: Margaret Campbell Barnes

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