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Guest Blog/Giveaway with Terry Spear

I'm happy to welcome Terry Spear back to the blog...

Who Are My Favorite Characters in My Series?

Hi, Anna, thanks for having me back!

First, do you know what big teeth my characters have when they’re in wolf form? And yes, I do know every one of them personally, and they’re all avid readers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have Google Alerts to see if anyone says anything about them on the Internet.

So because of that, I have to very tactfully decline revealing which are my favorites because that would get me into really big trouble. Werewolves talk amongst themselves in a pack, you know. And some werewolves, I’m not mentioning names here, but some have a real reputation for spreading the word about juicy gossip. One of them is even in Wolf Fever, the focus of my blog today, since it’s just been released.

I think I’ll talk about something that’s safer—like how much I love ALL my characters in every one of the books. Yeah, it’s a cop-out, but I’ve got to maintain the peace.

I love Carol because no matter how difficult life is, she doesn’t let it get her down. She tries to work out the difficulties she’s facing that no one can really understand unless they live in her shoes, while trying to figure out what Chester Ryan McKinley’s deal is.

Now, he’s hot. He’s an alpha gray male leader from another Colorado town who can’t quit thinking of her 24/7. And he’s even got Scottish roots and goes to Scottish games and proves just how hot he is, which intrigues Carol even more. Yet he STILL insists all he’s interested in is if she’s truly psychic. With his scientific private investigator brain, he doesn’t believe in hocus pocus, and just knows she can’t have paranormal connections.

And of course there are the Silver brothers—Darien, the pack leader of Silver Town, and Jake, next eldest of the triplets, and Tom, the youngest by five minutes or so. Darien is in charge and stern and unyielding, or tries to be, but his mate, Lelandi, often changes his mind. Jake delights in teasing Carol, yet there’s some intrigue there and not a little bit of protectiveness. Tom is the peacemaker, but he lets it be known he doesn’t care for Ryan’s interference with Carol in the least. Tom and Jake are very eligible bachelors, but if you’re thinking of making a pass at Jake, by Dreaming of the Wolf, book 8 and in stores next Fall, I’m pretty sure it’s a foregone conclusion, he’s taken. But Tom now is a ready bachelor. Very ready.

Sam and Silva are still playing games with each other on the sidelines. I’m thinking I need to shake them up to get them to finally commit or give each other up.

The barber from Destiny of the Wolf? He’s a goof, but I love him all the same. And Matthew, the male nurse, he’s got dark secrets, so there’s no telling what’s truly going on with him.

Darien’s mate, Lelandi? She rules beside her mate, and helps to soften situations with Darien when he gets a little overbearing and demanding with the pack.

Doc Mitchell, the veterinarian, proves his worth as a wolf. And the deputy and sheriff of Silver Town, I couldn’t do without. The fun part? They’ll all be back in Dreaming of the Wolf, but that time it will be Jake’s show.

So just when it seems everything is settled in Silver Town, the flu epidemic hits the pack and how they deal with it, while Carol is trying to resolve her personal issues of not being able to control her visions, or the shapeshifting equation and the situation with Ryan—brings me to the question: what more could go wrong?


My manager always tells me when I ask this at work, “Don’t ask.”

Thanks so much, Anna, for having me back!

My question to readers is: If a pack leader set his sights on you, what would he have to do to convince you he was the right one for you?


She may be his destiny, but she's not his first choice…

Hospital nurse and newly turned red werewolf Carol Woods is being pressured by her pack leader to find a mate, but he's the only guy in the pack who remotely attracts her… Why is he playing so hard to get?

The fate of the pack rests on his shoulders…

Gray pack leader Ryan McKinley doesn't want anything to do with Carol unless she's willing to embrace her wolf nature—no matter how beautiful she is.

But when a virus infects the local lupus garou pack, Ryan realizes just how wrong he's been not to seize the moment with the woman he's come to love. And now, it may be too late…

Praise for Terry Spear's To Tempt the Wolf:
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“A paranormal romp that sizzles! Action-packed romance and suspense-filled plot add up to pure magic. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Terry Spear is a great addition to the paranormal genre!”
                                                               —Armchair Interviews

With almost 56,000 copies sold, Terry Spear is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. She received her MBA from Monmouth University. An eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal as well as writing historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information, please visit

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  1. I don't think a pack leader would have to do much to convince me ;) Probably just love me! Great interview- all of the characters sound really interesting.


  2. LOL, DL, a wolf chase is fun though, and making him work a little to win you could make it all the more fun! :)

  3. i agree... no convincing here... he'd just have to be faithful, that's all i ask ;)

    thanks for the chance to win! love, love, love werewolf books!!!

    stampitchick at yahoo dot ca

  4. He'd have to prove to me that I mattered just as much to him as the pack does.

    I just picked up the ebook of Heart of the Wolf and I'm looking forward to getting started on this series.


  5. Hi, Tina, that's one nice thing about wolves...werewolves, that is, well, and wolves. They're faithful forever!

    JenM, and he would be, undeniably! :)

  6. Well Terry,
    I really think if I opened the door and one of your Hunkelicious wolves were at the door. Preferably a Silver Brother. I'd pretend to faint. He'd have to revive me. That would fun. But he'd probabaly call 911. And my WB Rescue Squad would arrive and spoil all my fun. Boohoo!! I'd love to win another copy of thos awesome book. I have friends who can't find it. And It'll make a nice Stocking stuffer. Don't tell Silva anything. She blabs.

  7. LOL!!!! Donna, you gave me a great laugh before I have to head into work! Thanks for making my day! :) What if one of the rescue guys was a wolf?? :) You never know where they'll turn up next!

  8. I love an alpha male so it would not take much to convince me. Just self confidence and sincerity.

  9. Lol, going to Scotland and the games to prove how hot he is...I like that ;)

  10. He would just have to show me he was sincere in his love for me and that we could work together to have a better life.
    Wolf Fever sounds like a great story and I can't wait to find out how it all turns out.


  11. All he would have to do is show me he has honor & integrity. These traits are must haves for me. :)

    I love this wolf series!!

    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  12. Crystal, I so agree!

    Blodeudd, hmm, now that would be fun!

    Thanks, Barbara E! I agree. If the love is not sincere, then it's not worth having!

    Thanks so much, Jemma!I'm thrilled you're loving it! Hope you enjoy Wolf Fever!

  13. Being honest with himself and with me. When someone is trying to impress you, that is incredibly hard to do! I would be impressed with the truth! :)

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. I have no doubt he'd be confident and faithful, but he'd just have to be there when I needed him.

  15. He would have to be faithful, definitely.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  16. It wouldn't be hard to convince me. Just promise to love me and be faithful.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  17. i have to agree with the others he just has to love me and be faithful plus he has to cook for me. lol love it when guys know how to cook


  18. The pack leader would need to save me from a precarious position even though I explicitly told him to shove off :)

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  19. Oh he would have to jump through hoops and do all sorts of manly things to show me that I am the one... Oh and breakfast in bed.... And house cleaning.... What, you said what would I make him do?!?!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  20. I dont think the pack leader would have to do much. The only thing he was would have to do is convince me how much he loves me. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  21. He would just have to be me he he truly is.
    Show me the love,loyalty he has for me.
    And if he could cook that would be a bonus :)

  22. Melissa, definitely, the truth is so important.

    3 Boys and an Old Lady--I loved the "has to be there when you need him!"

    Marian and Elaing, I love hunky wolves who cook!

    LOL, Robin, I agree. He will risk anything to save you even if it's against your wishes. :)

    LOL, Cecile, hmm, breakfast in bed can be oh, so, yummy, and it's amazing what they will do for love. So yes, a wolf like that will be perfect for you. And I even have one who...well, the story is coming up, but house cleaning is definitely a subject that comes up in The Wolf and the SEAL! :)

  23. A pack leader would have to shower me with attention, love me unconditionally, cook and clean along side me, be willing to compromise and lastly be AMAZING in bed.
    Thanks for the great blog

  24. He would have to want to know me and like me as much as I liked him. True love, that's all I ask for....

  25. Wonderful Post! I'd have to agree with D.L., if he's a pack leader and totally gorgeous...well, I doubt there would be much convincing going on, lol. Although, I doubt my hubby would be too happy ;)

  26. Hmm, everyone's comments are right on.

    Barbara, if the wolf learns you're already mated, he will have a fit! :)

  27. I agree with all the answers provided above but to be honest he would probably have me convinced the moment he took his shirt off... LOL!

    spettolij AT gmail DOT com

  28. I LOVE your avatar, JMSpettoli! And I your comment had me laughing. Great answer!

  29. I think I might just be putty in a alpha's not much to convince me, unless of course he was dog ugly *snicker*

    He might have to chuck away his frisky ways and pledge his love forever and then I just might succumb...

    Great giveaway, post, and the books sound fab. Pick me pick me pick me.

    parajunkee at

  30. Interesting question. I think he would have to be honorable...I don't like liers or people who are deceitful. I also think he would have to adore me beyond reason.


  31. Great post & interview ;)As long as we have a few things in common & the interests are genuine, I don't think he'd have to do a whole lot of convincing but really, relationships may start with attractions but without having common ground you can forget it, it won't work out. Thanks for the contest

  32. I think he would have to show me he will be just as loyal and protective to me as he is with his pack.


  33. Well, the boyfriend tells me that if I can find a millionaire, he is OK with that, says he wants half. :)

    stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com



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