Monday, July 21, 2014

[AudioBook Review]: Kalona's Fall by P.C. + Kristin Cast

Title: Kalona's Fall
Author: P.C. + Kristin Cast
Narrator: Caitlin Davies
Series: House of Night Novellas
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: July 29, 2014

I received this book from Macmillan Audio, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary:  The shadows in Kalona's past will finally come to light We will learn about the winged immortal's secret history and discover how he went from being the Goddess's Warrior and Guardian to her enemy and betrayer.

Did Darkness taint Kalona as it did Neferet, or has the powerful immortal always preferred power over honor, and control over faith?

This novella will be crucial to fans understanding of Kalona, before his role in the explosive final installment of the House of Night, REDEEMED coming in October 2014.

Thoughts: This latest House of Night novella tells the history/past of Kalona. I enjoyed this one. I actually like these novellas more than the full length novels. Kalona isn't my favorite character, but he is a character that is surrounded in mystery, it was intriguing to see his past unfold. Definitely don't miss this one, especially if you've been with the series since the beginning.

Like the previous audiobooks in this series, Kalona's Fall is also narrated by Caitlin Davies.

Score: 3 Stars

Author Website:

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