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[Review]: A Heart of Ice by Hailey Edwards

Title: A Heart of Ice 
Author: Hailey Edwards
Series: Araneae
Genre: Fantasy Romance.
Release Date: August 5, 2014

I received this title from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary:  Reine knows marriage isn’t about love. It’s about making the best bargain you can with what you have and then living with the consequences. Wedding vows are alliances given voice, and I do is on the tip of her tongue.

Ennis is a man on a mission to woo the future Araneidae maven, whether she wants him or not. Her clan is wealthy, prosperous and in dire need of the one thing his people have to offer—protection.  But one look at her and all thought of his obligations vanish. He’ll court Reine, but he wants the feisty heiress all to himself.

Forced to entertain offers from her bevy of suitors, Reine is torn between duty to her people and loyalty to herself. Ennis is the man she wants, but is he the future paladin her fragile clan needs? She can choose to lead with her head or, for once, she can follow her heart.

Thoughts: This short story is a prequel in the Araneae series. Reine & Ennis are parents to Lourdes who is the heroine of book one, A Hint of Frost.  A short but fun read.  The story of Reine & Ennis was sweet and sexy.  Ennis definitely had to work hard for Reine's hand and heart. I also enjoyed young Isolde, she's the best friend who can get you into all sorts of mischief. A must read for Araneae fans.

A Heart of Ice is featured in the anthology Love Is... This anthology features 40 short stories.

Check back tomorrow,  Hailey Edwards will be here talking 
about Love is... with a giveaway. 

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

Araneae Nation
A Heart of Ice
A Hint of Frost
A Feast of Souls
A Cast of Shadows
A Time of Dying
A Kiss of Venom
A Breath of Winter

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