Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Funko Pop Haul

Mat-At-Arms (Masters of the Universe), Beast Man (Masters of the Universe),
Kylo Ren (SW The Last Jedi), Porg (SW The Last Jedi), Poe Dameron (SW
The Last Jedi), and Rose (SW The Last Jedi)

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Eleven with Eggos (Stranger Things), Trap Jaw
(Masters of the Universe), Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) and Hulk (Marvel)

Funko Pop! sold @:
Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Entertainment Earth - FYE - GameStop - Hot Topic - Toys R Us


  1. I love these! We have a few. I have the 10th Doctor and Sailor Moon. My BF has Ash from Evil Dead.

  2. Thanks. I have the 10th Doctor too.

  3. Oh man I sooo love Funko Pops, I would probably have a whole room just for them!! My fave here though is Remus, very nice!! So lucky...



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