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Book Haul [143]


Staked- Kevin Hearne


A Mackenzie Clan Gathering- Jennifer Ashley
A Gatlin Wedding- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Night Study- Maria V. Snyder

Coloring Books:
Steampunk Designs- Marty Noble
Mandala Designs- Peter Pauper Press

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spotlight: Thirst by R P Channing

By R P Channing

Out Now!

~ Kira Sutherland ~

After a near fatal accident (and getting cheated on by her 'boyfriend'), and beating up the lead cheerleader (with whom the boyfriend cheated...), and being labeled as having 'issues' in her school because she, uhm, sees ghosts, Kira is left with two choices:

1. Continue her 'therapy' (where she's told the ghost is a hallucination and also gets her legs ogled too often...)


2. Go to Starkfield Academy, a boarding school for "Crazies and Convicts" (as the social media sites call them.)

She chooses the latter...

~ Cory Rand ~

Cory Rand has not had an easy life. His mother died in a car accident when he was twelve, and so did his mother's best friend...sort of. You see, Janice made a promise to take care of Cory just before she died, and so she lingers. Undead. A ghost that watches out for him.

Brought up in an abusive home, Cory quickly falls into a life of disreputable behavior. After his third offense (which was prompted by a girl, as usual - he has a weakness) he's left with two choices:

1. Be tried as an adult and share a cell with a guy named Bubba (he thinks...)


2. Go to Starkfield Academy, which Cory is pretty sure is run by vampires. But, hey, at least he'll get an education.

He chooses the latter...

It's at Starkfield that Kira meets Cory Rand, a boy with an insatiable Rage who sees ghosts, too. As well as other things, other things from his past, things that confuse him, things like fire and witches and demons.

Things he's always ignored.

Until now.

Buy Links:
Amazon | Amazon UK
 $20 Amazon Gift Voucher Giveaway
At the back of the book there is a giveaway link. Once the book hits fifty reviews on Amazon, one of those reviewers will win a $20 (US Dollars) Amazon Gift Voucher!

Author Bio:
R P Channing started writing three years ago, but never published anything even after churning out over a million words of fiction. Thirst: Blood of my Blood is the first book he dared to publish. When asked why, he said, “Because it’s the first thing I wrote that my wife actually enjoyed reading.” When not hammering away (most literally) at his keyboard, he can be found buried in a book, reading anything from romance to horror to young adult to non-fiction to comedy. 

Author Links:
Blog | Twitter | Amazon Page


-1- The Puppy Eyes

My life was perfect.  I had the perfect shoes and the perfect friends and I lived in the perfect house. My nails were perfect and my hair was perfect (except on Sundays, it was always windy on Sundays) and I had the perfect clothes. My lips were a perfect red and my hair perfectly straight. My eyeshadow was perfect, my hips were...okay, and my waist...well...also okay. Nothing was wrong in my life.  But then there was Jack. Jack was a problem. He needed to go. I mean, when you’re dead, you’re dead! I had told him this endlessly. Somehow, Jack didn’t get it. I mean, I felt sorry for the guy. Sure. Being stuck between this life and the next. But just because I found him, does that mean I needed to keep him? I think not! Sadly, when Jack got that look in his eyes, that weary, almost teary (if his tearducts worked) look, I melted. I just couldn’t send him away. Not even Jack knew where he would go after he died.  Would he, like, die? As in — dead, nada, kaput, finito, gone, no more? Bye bye, sayonara, ciao, hasta la vista baby and all that? I couldn’t have that on my conscience. No way.  I lay on my bed, wondering what to do about him. “Jaaaaaaack,” I hollered.  “Jaaaaaaack!” Still no answer. “Jack!” Jack...materialized. His eyes rolled down to the ground. He was making those puppy eyes again. “Jack, I told you not to do that. I told you not to play on my sympathies.” His puppy eyes became worse. 

His skin was gray and, well, dead. “Oh, brother,” I said. “I have to do something about you. If mom finds out I have another ‘imaginary friend’ — at my age — well, I’d die of embarrassment. But, like, really die. Not like you.” I wondered about this. Would I die? Was Jack a freak accident, or did all people live on like him? Think of the cemeteries... The idea excited me somewhat. “What would you have me do, Miss Kira?” “Knock off the Miss Kira crap. I told you it’s just Kira.” “Yes, Miss Kira.”  The dead. There’s just no reasoning.  “Fine, Miss Kira it is then.” Rover barked like a lunatic in the garden. No one else might be able to see Jack, but I was sure my dog could.  “I have to do something about this,” I mumbled. 

-2- The Rat

Mike knocked on the door before I had time to leave the house. Mike was the guy I thought (at the time) was perfect. “Who is it?” “It’s me, baby.” Baby, urgh — I wasn’t his baby. I dated Mike because he was the quarterback, because girls are supposed to like the quarterback, because it’s just so darn perfect to be seen with the quarterback, like we’re brainwashed into thinking these things from the first romantic doll set mom buys us. This was my previous life. “Mike.” “Uh-huh. Gonna let me in?” So you can try rub me up and then complain when I don’t let you? This, dear reader, was the big problem with Mike. The second we first kissed, his hand went way too far south for me to be comfortable — and I pulled back. Mike suddenly wasn’t so perfect. 

“Uhm, I was just on my way out,” I said. “Kira? C’mon, open the door.” He sounded upset. “Is there someone in there with you?” Boys. As if. I didn’t know much about love (nothing, actually) but I knew this wasn’t it.  “Uhm, now’s not the time, Mike.”  “C’mon, Kira, what’s going on?” He banged harder.  When in doubt...lie. I opened the door a crack. “There’s a dead rat in the house, Mike. Been here for days. I gotta go get some detergent and stuff to handle the stench.” Mike stepped back. He peered through the crack of the door.  “It’s really bad,” I said.  “I’ll drive you.” “I’m afraid the smell” — I stuck my armpit to my nose — “has found its way all over me. I’ll drive myself.” “O — okay. Fine.” And then he grinned like he wanted something. “Later? My place?” Urgh. “Uhm, Not sure when though.” “Six.” I fought the urge to roll my eyes. According to girls at school, he was apparently so damn good looking — theoretically. But for me personally, he did nothing. Moved nothing. Twisted nothing. “Look, I gotta go, Mike. I gotta — ” “Kira.” His eyes grew stern. “You’ve been avoiding me...” Bingo! Well done contestant number one! And what have you won? A brain! I tilted my head. “Mike, look, this...rat — I need to deal with it. We’ll talk later, okay? Bye.” I closed the door, not waiting for an answer, and peered out the peep hole. Mike hung around for a second, shoulders wide and eyes glaring straight at me through the door. Could he see me? Did he know I was looking at him? He kicked something off the ground, and I had the distinct impression he mouthed the word Bitch before leaving. But I wasn’t sure... 

-3- The Mack

“Roll down the window, Jack.” Jack was recently dead, so he still had a smell about him. (Which only I could smell...) I had purposely skipped breakfast. Maybe Jack would help me lose weight. I was (still am) a little wide, although it had never stopped guys flirting with me. I know how to dress.  But I could be skinnier.  Lucy Rogers was skinny. All bones and no boobs.  Charlene Carverton was a babe. Cheerleader. Big chest (which she pushed out generously with a push-up — if only guys knew). Toned thighs. Charlene only dated college boys (back then), which I still think is pretty gross for a girl her age.  “He’s not for you,” Jack said out the blue. “Hmm?” “This...Mike — he’s wrong for you, Miss Kira.” For all Jack’s faults (mainly, being dead), he has a good heart. Factually, probably it’s why I kept him around at first. “You think I don’t know that?” “Then why don’t you dump him?” I braked at a stop sign. Looked left and right. “Because I’d look like an idiot. I flirted with him and showed interest, and one kiss later I can’t stand the sight of him.” “So dump him.” “It’s not that simple. Kids at school — they can be vicious. I have to let it fade slowly. If I drop the bomb on him, I’ll never hear the end of it through senior year.” “And you care?” Yes, I did. Forget Guantanamo, schools are rough. “You don’t understand, Jack. Maybe school was different in your day. But in mine, well, we walk through metal detectors.”  “Schools weren’t too different in my day.” I noted the sadness in his voice. “You okay?” “I’m dead.” Right. “You miss...your life?”

Jack shrugged. “I like being with you, Miss Kira. And I don’t remember much of my life. I think I’m in limbo.” “Limbo?” “Yes, like I have some unfinished business. If only I could is...” He scratched his head.  “Any ideas?” “Well, it can’t be love. If it were love, I’d be a vampire. That’s who teenage girls fall in love with these days.” “A vampire? That’s just what I need — two undead beings stalking me.” “I feel I have something to do around you, Miss Kira. I don’t know what, but something. Something important.” I looked over at him. “Me?” I was still looking at him when I missed the stop sign. The Mack truck drove straight into us.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Reading List

Star Wars: Shattered Empire- Greg Rucka [3/5]
Between a Vamp and a Hard Place- Jessica Sims [4/5]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Alan Dean Foster [4/5]
The Hidden- Heather Graham [4/5]
The New Hunger- Isaac Marion [3/5]
All Hallows Eve- Heather Graham [3/5]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary- Pablo Hidalgo [4/5]
The Casquette Girls- Alys Arden (re-read) [5/5]
Call the Midwife- Jennifer Worth [4/5]
One King's Way- Samantha Young [3/5]

Happy February!

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Guest Blog & Giveaway with Sharon Ashwood

Once Upon a Time is Now

I remember standing in a cathedral when I was a little girl, staring down at the stone face of a knight. The statue was life-sized and in full armor, an effigy stretched in eternal sleep upon his tomb.  Although it was August, the medieval building was cold and gloomy, the only light filtering through towering windows of stained glass. With all the power of my child’s imagination, I wanted to wake him and find out who he was. Perhaps I could kiss him like Sleeping Beauty in reverse, and he would sit up and look around him at the new modern world. What fabulous adventures would follow?

When I began my new book series, I remembered my knight in his lonely sleep—and how I wanted him to wake up in the here and now. What if the Knights of the Round Table—enchanted into sleeping stone—had been scattered to museums and private collections throughout the United States? If they had to be awakened one by one to reunite with their brothers and defeat a threatening enemy? What if a hot-tempered, dangerous, and devastatingly handsome knight was roaming around town, eager to fight or carouse or sweep my heroine off her feet? Welcome to my new series, CAMELOT REBORN.

Of course, no knight is complete without a lady, and the hero of ENCHANTED WARRIOR, Gawain of Lothian, needs the help of a thoroughly modern historian named Tamsin Greene. She’s the key to finding the other knights, but she’s also a powerful witch and if there’s one thing that Gawain refuses to trust, it’s sorcery. But he’s not going to get the maid without her magic, and little does Tamsin know that Gawain holds the key to an ancient secret that changes everything she believes about her own past. Not even Merlin can stop the fireworks when these two meet!

I’ll give away one signed paperback copy of ENCHANTED WARRIOR to a commenter.
Please make sure to leave an email address. The winner will be announced February 8th.

Short Excerpt:

          Huge hands grabbed her from behind, pulling her backward until she collided with a rock-hard chest. Tamsin inhaled, about to scream, but a palm clamped over her mouth. A moment later, the man’s free arm grasped her middle. Tamsin lunged forward, but his grip was an iron bar. Her next move was to kick back, aiming for the man’s knee. She missed, catching only his shin with the soft sole of her boot. He grunted and pulled her against him so tightly she could barely breathe.
          “Don’t,” he said, the word clipped and cold.
Tamsin froze, going utterly still. Whoever this was, his psychic shields were so powerful he’d been completely hidden from her scan. After fretting about evil creatures stalking witches, she was too scared to reach for her magic. Every instinct warned her this stranger would not tolerate further defiance. This was a professional. A predator. A true threat. She knew it on a level so primitive it was coded into her DNA.
           Her obedience seemed to work, because the hand clamped over her mouth slowly moved away. He tasted of salt, sweat and man. He hadn’t used weapons to overpower her, just brute strength. That show of confidence made him seem all the more deadly.
          “You will not cry out.” His words had traces of a brogue—Scottish, perhaps. His deep, masculine voice vibrated through the line where their bodies touched and sank into her bones.
          “Please,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “What do you want?”
          “Turn around.”
          The arm locked about her loosened, allowing her to move but not to escape. Tamsin shrank away as far as she could, the heat of his body a sharp contrast to the cool November air.
          “Turn,” he repeated. “I want to see your face when I question you.”
          Tamsin obeyed, sliding within the circle of his arm. It put their faces barely twelve inches apart, and that was only because he was so tall. Her first instinct was to avoid eye contact, to rebel at least in that small way, but curiosity won. She snatched a glance from under her lashes.
          She froze all over again as he nailed her in place with a brilliant blue gaze. He was younger than she’d expected—maybe in his late twenties—and handsome enough that she forgot to breathe. His face had strong bones, the features bold and almost sensual. Heat rose to her cheeks as her insides curled into a protective ball. He was far too magnetic, far too there for comfort.
          He studied her face a moment longer, his gaze filled with bold assessment. It finally broke when the corners of his mouth quirked. “You are the historian who is supposed to explain this place to visitors, Tamsin Greene?”

For a longer excerpt, click here:

Book Blurb:

An ancient evil rises. An ancient warrior awakens.

In an age clouded by legend, Gawain was one of King Arthur’s greatest knights. When he awakens centuries after the fall of Camelot, he faces his most daunting quest yet-the search for his missing companions. His hope is that Tamsin Greene, the alluring historian at Medievaland Theme Park, can help him. Then he senses the magic within her… Gawain will now have to trust a witch-and his own heart-to rouse the knights of the Round Table and save humanity from a faery onslaught.

Author Bio:

Sharon Ashwood is a novelist, desk jockey and enthusiast for the weird and spooky. She has an English literature degree but works as a finance geek. Interests include growing her to-be-read pile and playing with the toy graveyard on her desk. As a vegetarian, she freely admits the whole vampire/werewolf lifestyle would never work out, so she writes her adventures instead.
Sharon is the winner of the RITA® Award for Paranormal Romance. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is owned by the Demon Lord of Kitty Badness.

Author Links:
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February Book Releases

Night Quest- Susan Krinard

The Order of the Wolf- Angela Addams
Enchanted Warrior- Sharon Ashwood
Vision In Silver- Anne Bishop
Wickedly Powerful- Deborah Blake
Dead Heat- Patricia Briggs
Will's True Wish- Grace Burrowes
Raging Sea- Michael Buckley
Remembrance- Meg Cabot
Prudence- Gail Carriger
The Deepest Well- Juliette Cross
Darkness Raging- Yasmine Galenorn
Blame it on the Moon- Lori Handeland
Little Secrets- Megan Hart
Almost Midnight: Shadow Falls: Novella Collection- C.C. Hunter
Blood In Her Veins- Faith Hunter
Revelation- Alice Kasey
Clockwork Chronicles- Quinn Langston
Bengal's Quest- Lora Leigh
Stars Above- Marissa Meyer
Grave Visions- Kalayna Price
Brotherhood in Death- J.D. Robb
SEAL Wolf In Too Deep- Terry Spear
Highland Spitfire- Mary Wine

The Shannara Chronicles: The Elfstones of Shannara- Terry Brooks
Bravest Flame- Candice Gilmer
Vacation Hell- Eve Langlais

In Too Deep- Sherry Ficklin
Kiss of Moonlight- Stephanie Julian

Glass Sword- Victoria Aveyard
Morning Star- Pierce Brown
Blackhearts- Nicole Castroman
Scent of Scotland- Mac Flynn
Reign of Shadows- Sophie Jordan
Interlocking Hearts- Roxy Mews
Surrender to the Sea- Michelle M. Pillow
Inside the World of Die for Me- Amy Plum
Hunted by Darkness- Katie Reus
These Vicious Masks- Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas
Hades' Return- N.J. Walters
The Complete Double Dead- Chuck Wendig

Act of Command- Mandy M. Roth

Jaguar Night- Doranna Durgin

The Immortals- Jordanna Max Brodsky
Hunter Forsaken- Nancy Corrigan
How to Tame a Werewolf- Thalia Eames
Dark Alpha's Embrace- Donna Grant
Inherit Midnight- Kate Kae Myers
The Vault of Dreamers- Caragh M. O'Brien
Ghost Talker- Robin D. Owens
Dorothy Must Die Stories Vol. 2- Danielle Paige
The Shadow Queen- C.J. Redwine
Riders- Veronica Rossi
Mated in Mist- Carrie Ann Ryan
Wedding Bells, Magic Spells- Lisa Shearin
Bluescreen- Dan Wells


The Edge of Gory- Stacey Jay

Dreamfever- Kit Alloway
Magic Shifts- Ilona Andrews
The Power- Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Rogue- Katharine Ashe
The Groom Wore Plaid- Gayle Callen
Arrow - Vengeance- Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo
Chance on Love- Nancy Corrigan
Bitter Bite- Jennifer Estep
Pack- Jeaniene Frost
Seize the Dawn- Heather Graham
The Forbidden Wish- Jessica Khoury
Runaway Vampire- Lynsay Sands
Firstlife- Gena Showalter
The Last Place on Earth- Carol Snow
Kingdowm of Ashes- Rhiannon Thomas

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Waiting On Wednesday [78]: Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly post started by Breaking the Spine. A feature showcasing upcoming releases that are eagerly anticipated.

Title: Because of Miss Bridgerton
Series: Rokesbys & Bridgertons
Author: Julia Quinn
Release Date: March 29, 2016

Book Descripton:

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places...

This is not one of those times.

Everyone expects Billie Bridgerton to marry one of the Rokesby brothers. The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and as a child the tomboyish Billie ran wild with Edward and Andrew. Either one would make a perfect husband... someday.

Sometimes you fall in love with exactly the person you think you should...
Or not.

There is only one Rokesby Billie absolutely cannot tolerate, and that is George. He may be the eldest and heir to the earldom, but he's arrogant, annoying, and she's absolutely certain he detests her. Which is perfectly convenient, as she can't stand the sight of him, either.

But sometimes fate has a wicked sense of humor...

Because when Billie and George are quite literally thrown together, a whole new sort of sparks begins to fly. And when these lifelong adversaries finally kiss, they just might discover that the one person they can't abide is the one person they can't live without...


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