Friday, May 9, 2008

[Review] - Bound By Magic

Bound By Magic
starts off with an Erotic bang!

Although I maybe bias since I'm a friends with the author but, this book is a fun entertaining read. I definitely recommend it. I think any fan of Erotica Fantasy would enjoy it.

For a first time author, Amanda Cummings writes sex scenes amazingly well. She has created a very unique world, that consists of erotic dreams, magic, hunky guys and of course the bad guys who are trying to ruin everything.

Book Description: Two worlds held together by magic, the Earth realm and the realm of Aldar. Amber Moyer is a Chosen from our world. As the time draws near Samhain, Tavis, from Aldar, seeks her out in dreams. They are soul mates. Together they sustain his realm with the life giving magic of the Earth realm. But there is evil that seeks Aldar. Will Tavis and Amber be able to overcome the evil? Or suffer the same fate as Amber's mother so many years ago?

You can read an excerpt at the authors blog:

Amanda's Website:

Amanda's Myspace profile:

Amanda's second book, coming later this year:
Bound By Fate


  1. **HUGS**, Anna!

    That was wonderful!

    Thank you!! I'm gonna post that on my website! (on the BBM page!)

  2. Glad you liked it. :)




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