Monday, September 15, 2008

[Review] - Raging Hearts

Title: Raging Hearts
Author: Amy Blankenship
Series:Guardian Heart Crystal
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Year: 2007

Summary: Toya would fight all odds to stay by Kyoko's side. His heart and his daggers are hers to take. He only asks that she accept them. Even when the darkness of their enemy threatens what they have fought so hard for, Toya would die for her honor and her love. In a moment of bliss, he finally gains the courage to open his hidden heart and confess the true emotions he keeps within. That moment is forever changed when Kyoko is taken from his world by the heartless fates above. Believing he is cursed, Toya gives up, falsely accepting that his reason to live has forsaken him. Now, Toya must defend her against the worst enemy of all...himself.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this one. But I feel the other books in the series are better than this installment. I really connected with the stories in Book 1 & 3. This one was harder to get into. This time around the love interests where Kyoko & Toya. They have a very push and shove relationship, that's really interesting. I have never been a big fan of Toya's, and I was hoping he'd grow on me but it just didn't happen. He's very frustrating. But what man isn't. Real or Fictional.

Score: 4 Stars

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