Thursday, September 4, 2008

[Review] - Spirits Unveiled

Title: Spirits Unveiled
Author: Amanda Cummings
Genre: Fantasy Romance/Erotica
Year: 2008

Summary: In a land where people carry within themselves an animal spirit lives four clans; Bear, Wolf, Hawk and Tiger. Darien, leader of the Wolf clan, finds himself captured and imprisoned by his enemy, the Bear clan. Emotionally battered her entire life, Raina, daughter of the Bear clan leader, fears a forced marriage to a horrid man looming in her future. A plan forms--free the prisoner in exchange for his protection to find her safety. Inexplicably drawn to each other, Darien struggles with his inner yearnings. They are from rival clans. Yet with every touch, every heated kiss, he is unable to deny what his body craves. Secrets and visions are revealed and hope lies within Darien and Raina if they can only embrace who they truly are, for the Spirits have destined the two to make right a terrible wrong that took place a thousand years ago.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book! Amanda has created very interesting new world. The world is described in great detail, but not overly so that it bores the reader. It's rich and exciting. Right away I became enthralled with Darien and Raina, they are everything an Alpha and heroine should be. If your looking for something new in fantasy I'd highly recommend this book.

Score: 5 Stars

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  1. Hey, Anna, thank you for the review!! And reading the book... AGAIN!! LOL

  2. Your Welcome! I enjoyed reading it again. :)

  3. Hey!! I'm reading this now, too! :p

    I'm enjoying my week by week chapters. I like coming to Amy's blog to read every Monday. It's exciting! :)

  4. It sure is. I've read it several times. But I usually catch something new I missed from the last reading. :)



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