Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From Paperbacks to Hardcovers

It's no secret, even though I buy hardcovers... I am a paperback girl all the way. I don't really have a big problem with hardcovers other than the price. But what I find really annoying is when Authors that are 4, 5, 6, 7 books into a series, they decided to go hardcover. Now I realize this is probably not the Author's doing, it's probably more the Publishers idea. I just find it very frustating.

The frustration really isn't that it's a hardcover or that I'm gonna pay more for it. It's the fact that all the other damn books in the series are in paperback.

The two books below are a great example. They will be released in 2009 in hardcover, while the previous books are paperbacks. These books happen to be two of my favorite series, so of course I'll be buying them. But why do this? Is there another reason to go hardcover besides making more money??

Lover Avenged
-J.R. Ward

Bone Crossed
-Patricia Briggs

Ok, now that I've had my little rant, I'm just wondering if this bothers anyone else?



  1. I'm Mike (Patty Briggs' husband) and I confess, I saw your blog while googling her *blush*.

    I have much the same reaction you do when a series I'm following suddenly goes hardcover. It's expensive, and I find hardcovers less comfortable to read. We also have thousands of books, and hardcovers take up more room than I'd like. Grrr.

    You're right in thinking it's actually the publisher's decision, but authors seldom argue. Hardcovers do generate a little extra income, and most professional authors are trying to support themselves financially, so a little extra money is always welcome. More importanly, however, hardcovers open new markets for an author.

    Libraries (both school and public) as well as a large number of book collectors buy hardcover books preferentially. Getting into these markets broadens an author's exposure, and gains them readers they wouldn't reach otherwise. And that, in a nutshell, is the attraction of hardcovers.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for stoping by. I was hoping someone would stop by and give some insight on the whole subject. :)

  3. I agree with you, Anna. If a series starts in paperback, it should stay in paperback. Future series can then be done in hardcover.

    Now, doesn't Rhapsody book club offer books in hardcover that don't normally come out in hardcover?

    I can understand where Mike comes from with the financial part, but how many readers are not buying the book when it first hits the shelf on release day? I know my mom won't buy hardcovers. JR Ward will be losing at least one sale on her release day. Of course, someone like her who sales so much, I doubt she will feel the effects of the few who will wait for paperback.

    It's definitely discouraging.

  4. I was upset when the In Death series went to hardcover, but since I am a hardcore fan, I bought them because I want Robb to keep writing them.
    I will do the same for Ward when barby Rehv's book comes out.

  5. Amy- It's definitely discouraging.

    Yes, Rhapsody does over hc for books that are paperbacks. The Club sells mostly just hardcover books. They offer only a few paper backs. I'm in this club, I was thinking of canceling. But with more of my favorite Authors going hc, I plan to keep it. They offer the hc books a bit cheaper.

    On the otherside of the subject, I'm always willing to help out my favorite authors. That's one reason I don't say no totally to hc's.

    Katie... I will too. There is no way I could wait 6-12 months for Rehv to come out in paperback. I would go crazy. LOL

    barby Rehv...hehe, I can't wait


  6. I can't wait for Rehv. I need him and his mohawk barby ass.

  7. LOL, and don't forget the eyes.


  8. trying to foget about him and his half-sister though.

  9. I agree that if a series starts one way, it should stay that way. I don't mind buying hardcover books at all. However, I'm a bit anal about having books in size, author and series order on my shelves. (Don't ask)

    Yeah, ok, I admit that sounds corny, but if I have all of the Brotherhood series in paperback nicely placed on the shelf and then suddenly a huge hardcover--it looks out of place and drives me nuts.

  10. BTW, Katie--I'm dying for Rhev's story. You have no idea. It's crazy I always detested the mowhawk. But on him....HOT HOT HOT, lol.

  11. It bothers me too. With 90% of the authors that have gone hard cover mid series, I wait until they come out in PB. The exception is the In Death books. I just couldn't wait to read them 'til they came out in PB and the waiting list at the library was VERY long - by the time it got to me, it would have been out in PB. So my In Death shelf is very crooked - half pb, half HC.
    I don't hold the authors responsible though. I realized a long time ago that as Mike (Patty Brigg's husband *g*) said, it's a publishers decision. So while I may be annoyed, I'm not going to penalize the author at all if it's an author I've enjoyed.

  12. Barbara... I'm the same way with my bookshelf. I have my by author size and series. Otherwise it would drive me crazy.

    I don't put paperbacks next to hardcovers at all. I have a seperate shelf for the hardcovers.


  13. Wow Mike, that's so cool. A) that you stopped by and B) that you were googling your wife. How sweet is that? :)

    I feel the same way about the pb gone to HC issue. Why oh why??? I had no idea that Ward's next novel would be HC and it's kind of upsetting. I buy very few HC but I guess I'll have to bite the bullet.

  14. I’m a nut about all of my books that I consider being keepers matching so it really bothers me to. I must admit I bought Briggs Praying for Mercy (3in1) from BOMC just so that I will have a matching set. It does not matter much to me as long as all the books get offered as both a hardback or paperback eventually so I can have a matching set. I’m a bit anal about my books, I have no problem buying a second copy so they all match, and I can always find the old copy a good home. I do have a few sets Like Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series that are mixed because some books were never offered in HB & it drives me nuts, I keep all my books divide by HB,TPB, & PB so I hate having them separated.

  15. I usually always break down and buy the hardcovers. Then if its a series where I keep every book, like Dark-Hunter or Women of the Otherworld I go out and by the paperback when it comes out.

  16. I know I'm a little late commenting (I followed the link from Katie's blog) but I can understand the decision to move from MMP to HB is the publisher's decision. What drives me nuts is, if they know there are a number of us that like books the same size, why do they not go back and re-release the earlier books in HB? Saying that, I live in the Southern Hemisphere and between the postage and the changing currency values, I can't afford HB. It's probably why I'm a library junkie :) I'll just have to block my ears/cover my eyes with Lover Avenged comes out (those eyes *swoon*)...



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