Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking For A Few Good Dark-Hunters

For the release of the new Sherrilyn Kenyon website OfficalSanctuary.com, the good people at Macmillan are doing a cool promotion. Check it out:

"We are seeking committed, skilled fans to write short synopsis of their favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon books. Every synopsis written will be reviewed by Sherrilyn’s own editor, and the best ones will be selected as official Dark Hunter summaries. These summaries will be posted online in multiple locations—our website, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more—to catch new readers up on the series.

Summaries should:
-Range from 300­­­—500 words
-Include FULL information about the book’s major plot points (don’t worry about ‘spoilers’)
-Be sent to Macmillan (ami.greko@macmillan.com
) no later than January 15th, 2008
-Be available to Macmillan and Sherrilyn Kenyon rights-free, for posting online at several different sites, including Wikipedia, Facebook, Myspace, and more

If you would like to participate, please send an email to ami.greko@Macmillan.com indicating the book(s) you would like to cover."


  1. I got the email for this too. I considered it but passed. Are you going to?

  2. Nah, probably not. But I thought I'd pass along the info.


    That's terrible - it takes the surprise out of reading the best series in paranormal romance!

  4. I think the "Don't worry about spoilers" is just so that a person can write it. It is getting edited, so it'll probably get taken out. I'd do it for Vane & Bride's story. That's probably my favorite. Well, that and Acheron. :)

  5. I myself hate spoilers so I totally agree.

    If I was gonna do this, I'd do it on Vane and Bride too.

  6. I have two top favorites "Vane and Bride" and "Wren and Maggie"

    *I still think that it's wrong to allow spoilers - if a person wants an idea of what the books about they can read the back of the book or at the "glimpse" at the front of a book.

    But it's okay - just my opinion - I just won't wikipedia it. :)



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