Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Anthologies

I don't know about anyone else, but i love anthologies. They are usually a must buy for me, no matter how much I try to resist the temptation. Here are some that are coming out this year.

June 30th

July 7th

April 1st
Featuring: Michele Hauf, Vivi Anna, Karen Whiddon, Lori Devoti and Anna Leonard. This is a compilation of the Nocturne Bites that were released last year.

April 13th

June 2nd

July 31st
Featuring: Kelley Armstrong, Kate Elliot, Robin Hobb, C.E. Murphy

Here are some other anthologies come soon(cover art hasn't been released yet): Not That Innocent (July 21st), Must Love Hellhounds, Death's Excellent Vacation, Unbound.


  1. Midnight Cravings looks good!!! I was never one for anthologies, but lately I've been reading and ejoying quite a few.

  2. Most of them seem like UF. I wonder if the one Jenna Maclaine is in, if her short goes with her Cin Craven books?

  3. According to her website her short does take place in Cin's world.

    She also has short from Cin's world in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance. It's Devlin and Justine's story.

  4. Great line up. I love anthologies too Anna.

    That Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance looks really interesting.

    Thank you for the info. :)


  5. I love anthologies too!! In all honesty I only see 1 name out of all those authors that I recognize......Cheyenne McCray! They all look like good books!! :)

  6. I have a love hate relationship with anthologies, but usually buy the ones that feature at least one of my favorite authors.

    I absolutely LOVE the cover to Huntress. I think I like book covers featuring women more than any other combo.



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