Wednesday, February 25, 2009

e-Book Shopping

I've been waiting to go e-book shopping until all the books I wanted were out. Here's what I got. :)

This story is part of The Hunters series.

Book Description: Being a vampire sucks. Just ask Cori Lewis. The "Change" didn't change her enough. She's still shy, quiet and she never feels as though she belongs anywhere. Not even with the people who took her in after the vampire attack that left her near death. But other things have changed a lot. Cori needs sex — now!She goes in search of a one-night stand — hot sex with an anonymous man in a dark alley — and her life changes yet again. He's a connection to the past she thought was lost and he's everything she's ever dreamed. But when he finds out who she is, he might never be able to forgive her.

Book Description: When Maven, the eldest daughter of Caralon's mighty ruler, is given in marriage to the fearsome Dane of Rawley, she's horrified. Bad enough that she should be any man's possession, but she's heard the dreadful tales about Dane, tales of force and brutality. She goes into the marriage refusing to submit to him in any way—the only problem is, the sensuously forceful Dane demands her submission, especially in his bed, and he's determined to get it.As Maven begins to clash with the Beast of Rawley, she needs all her wits about her to win their erotic battle for control.

Book Description: Love can bloom where nothing else survives…

Wildlife photographer Chase Calder is no stranger to wandering in wilderness areas like the stark Nevada desert. When a freak electrical storm leaves him strangely disoriented, and he awakens as a prisoner in a high-security Air Force base under the scrutiny of a seductive microbiologist, he knows he’s in dangerous territory.
Undercover Special Ops agent Martina Sanchez finally has the proof she needs to expose the Acheron beam for the danger it is. Not a harmless bio-decontaminate, but a potentially deadly super-weapon. She’s also discovered exposure to the beam has more than one unexpected side effect for Chase whose sizzling touch melts her cool, professional resolve. It also melts steel walls.

Martina risks everything to free Chase before he becomes the next casualty of unauthorized scientific testing. Together they flee to safety, but safe becomes a relative term when their growing passion finally ignites…

This short story is a short continuation of Arcady Morrison and Snow Ipwhisk, stars of Silk and Steel.

Book Description: Arcady finally has a reason to celebrate Valentines Day, and a woman worth everything he's ever dreamed of to spoil. This year, all is possible and Arcady plans on making it the best Snow has ever had.

Book Description: Kit has never forgotten the cruel way Rysen rejected her as a possible consort over a hundred years ago. She's striven to get stronger, pushing her attraction to him down and using her anger as fuel.

Rysen has always regretted the way he rejected Kit. As much as he loved her, Rysen despised the way her clan tried to use her as a political gambit for power and protection. But he never stopped wanting Kit, trying to make her his in every way possible.

When enemies attack, they use old magic to seal themselves off and stay safe. But now they find themselves trapped with a century of hunger rising between them....

This is Stella Price writing as Dagmar Avery

Book Description: Invited to the Eros Festival, Drea encounters many people calming to be gods, including Hades, a man that makes her body burn. Hades pursues her, but it isn't as easy as a normal hunt and chase. There are obstacles in the way, sexy, horny obstacles that want to keep them apart... and Drea has to decide... a night of meaningless pleasure at the hands of the gods, or a lifetime beside one, and only one, as Persephone


  1. Hey Anna!

    Thank you for the heads up!

    The Dagmar Avery book looks really interesting. As does the Shiloh Walker book, I wonder if it can be read as a stand alone?

    I need to load up on some e-books and "Flirting In Traffic", is coming out next week. :)


  2. Anna, I have the Brides of Caralon books. Had em for a long time! Haven't read them yet, however :).

    I bought a few over the last few days. I bought The Scroll Thief yesterday. The other day I picked up two more fantasies from Samhain. They look pretty good. And so far I've been happy with their selection of fantasies :).

  3. Lea, I believe it can be read as a stand alone. If I my memory is correct Shiloh mentioned on her blog that Belonging is the last Hunters book being released in ebook, the rest are coming out in paperback. Berkley Sensation I think. This is another one of my favorite series. Hope you enjoy it. :)

    AmyC.. I read the prequel for the Brides of Caralon and it was pretty good. Samhain does put out good Fantasy books.


  4. I'm slowly falling deeper in love with my ereader! I need to do some shopping! Enjoy your books, Anna :)

  5. I know the feeling Barbara. :D

  6. Those all look like great ebooks!! I've not bought any in a while and I really feel like I need to! LOL I finally have my iTouch but I can't download books until we go wireless on March 6th.......can't wait to be able to read ebooks on something other than my desktop!
    Enjoy your books Anna!! :)

  7. You'll be lovin' that iTouch. I know I do. I haven't read any books on it, but I do have the ereader application on there just in case. :)

  8. I had no idea that Shiloh Walker has come out with another Hunter story. Very cool - thanks for the heads up!

  9. Yep, not a problem. I've been waiting for another Hunter book, love this series.



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