Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ahhh Good Times!

A couple friends have been posting pictures on Facebook from when we were in High School. I didn't even know these pictures exsisted. It took me a couple mintues to figure out when and where they were taken. But I thought I'd share, feel free to laugh I did. LOL! :)

Senior Year- 95. This was right after we got back from Spring Break-Florida. I remember the party, but not the picture being taken. A shaving cream fight broke out soon after this was taken.
1995- This was at my friend Dawn's house. We all go together to celebrate the last day of school ever. Once again I remember the party, but not the picture being taken. LOL!

1993(I think)- I believe the was Freshman Year, me & Berta. Man we look like babies. I don't know what possessed me to ever pick out those big honkin glasses to wear.


  1. Anna! That is so neat. And neat that you are in touch with people you went to high school with in Facebook! I don't have any contact with any one from high school. Not sure if I'd want to either :(.

    You do look so young in that last picture :).

  2. A trip down memory lane (or not re the pictures - lol).

    That is so cool Anna! You look like you indeed were having good times!

    I'm not going to tell you when I graduated from high school. And, like Amy - I have no clue where any of those folks are now.

    Thank you for sharing - awesome pictures. :o)


  3. Amy... It's gotten harder over the last few years. But we try to stay in touch. Facebook has been a great way to do that.

    The last picture,I almost fell over when I saw it. I couldn't believe how young I looked. LOL!

    Thanks Lea! We live in a small town, there were only 99 people in my graduating class. Even though most of the class has moved to different places. They always come back home sometime. :)

  4. lol - my Mom loves those glasses - my sister and I have tried to get her to get some a little bit smaller, but for most of our lives she's had huge ones.

    I graduated in '05 but when I found some pictures of me and my friends on facebook I was stunned. I've gained some weight in the last 4 years...and I look younger I think. :)

    glad you still have friends from high school!!!

  5. Anna!! LOL! Great pics!! I love old pictures :) They bring back so many memories.



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