Monday, March 30, 2009

April Book Release

The Vampire's Quest- Vivi Anna
The Legacy- TJ Bennett
Edge of Hunger- Rhyannon Byrd
Tempted by Midnight- Jacquie D'Alessandro
Dark Cursade- Lori Devoti
Defying the Moon- Cheryl Dragon
Nightwalker- Heather Graham
A Knight's Temptation- Catherine Kean
Consort- Kim Knox
Lord of Legends- Susan Krinard
The Knight's Return- Joanne Rock
The Warrior- Sharon Sala
Lady Anne & the Howl in the Dark- Donna Lea Simpson
The Shadow Queen- Beatrice Small
Midnight Cravings- Various Authors

Phantom Desires- Bianca D'Arc
Vision Revealed- Lorie O'Clare
Howling for my Baby- Beverly Rae
Forsaken Talisman- Ashleigh Raine

Blue Diablo- Ann Aguirre
Tempt Me Twice- Eden Bradley
Riding on Instinct- Jaci Burton
Turn Coat- Jim Butcher
Curse the Dawn- Karen Chance
The Mage- Jean Johnson
Nauti Intentions- Lora Leigh
The Seduction of a Duke- Donna MacMeans
Corambis- Sarah Monette
When His Kiss Is Wicked- Kaitlin O'Riley
Ghostland- Jory Strong
White Star- Elizabeth Vaughan
My Lady- Shiloh Walker
An Indecent Proposition- Emma Wildes
The Southern Devil- Diane Whiteside (mass market)
Eternal Moon- Rebecca York

Windchasher- Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Animal- Nathalie Gray

Always- Lauren Dane
Bloodhound- Tamora Pierce
Fire Raiser- Melanie Rawn
Going the Distance- Mandy M. Roth

The Thirteenth Child- Patricia C. Wrede

The Reformed Vampire Support Group- Catherine Jinks

Butterfly Tattoo- Deidre Knight
Highland Scandal- Julia London
No Choice But Seduction- Johanna Lindsay
Fragile Eternity- Melissa Marr
Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales Vol. 1- Melissa Marr
Taboo- Jess Michaels
The Perfect Poison- Amanda Quick
A Reason to Rebel- Wendy Soliman

The Awakening- Kelley Armstrong
The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie- Jennifer Ashley
Eternal Cravings- Nina Bangs
Moonlight Warrior- Janet Chapman
Trusht the Moon- Jamie Craig
Taming the Fire- Sydney Croft
Eve of Darkness- S.J. Day
The Twisted Citadel: Darkglass- Sara Douglass (mass market)
Burning Wild- Christen Feehan
The Angel & The Highlander- Donna Fletcher
The Dangerous Book of Demon Slayers- Angie Fox
The Ninth Curse- K.J. Gillenwater
Mutual Desire- Donna Grant
Doomsday Can Wait- Lori Handeland
To Beguile a Beast- Elizabeth Hoyt
On the Prowl- Crystal Jordan
Highland Fling- Jane Justine
Salt and Silver- Anna Katherine
Enchanting the Beast- Kathryne Kennedy
The Dark-Hunters Vol. 1- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Fallen- Tim Lebbon (mass market)
Tooth and Claw- Annmarie McKenna
The Pretenders Crown- C.E. Murphy
A Scotsman in Love- Karen Ranney
The Trouble with Demons- Lisa Shearin
Storm Glass- Maria V. Snyder
Forbidden Nights with a Vampire- Kerrelyn Sparks
Bride of the Wolf- Jennifer St. Giles
Hunter's Edge- Shiloh Walker (trade paperback)
Lover Avenged- J.R. Ward

***If I missed any releases, let me know and I'll post them.
***Keep in mind dates are subject to change
***All dates were taken from Amazon, Ellora's Cave & Samhain Publishing


  1. Hooly geez, there's alot coming out on the 28th!

    Looks like you have all that I have listed for what I want.

    What is that Dark-Hunters Vol 1? Is it a book or comic?

  2. Oh, there are some really good ones coming out. I'm dying for Rehv already!

  3. AmyC... The Dark-Hunters Vol. 1 is Manga. I might be wrong, but I believe they are starting with Kyrian's book. :) I'm gonna be giving a copy away in May.

    Barbara, I'm right there with you. I can't wait. I've already got mine pre-ordered.

  4. Oh, thank goodness. Only one book in April and it's not until the end. My pocketbook thanks you. :D

  5. Wow!

    This is a big month for realeases...

    I know everyone in the world out there is waiting for April 28th right? lolololololol

    Thanks Anna - I had no idea. I'm going to have to save my pennies to add some of those to my cart!

    Best Regards

  6. And how many do have on the 28th, Anna, on your list to buy? :)

    I see that Sara Douglas is listed, have you read anything of hers before? I read one a long time ago. The first one in a series. Can't remember it, but it was pretty good. I never did get more in the series though. Very Long!!

  7. I have 8 books on my list that come out on the 28th. But just the one pre-ordered so far.

    I haven't read Sarah Douglass, but I have heard of her.

  8. I know, I think that April, especially the 28th, is a big day for new releases this year. I'm not complaining, of course. I can't wait for Rehv, he is definitely at the top of my Pre-Ordered list! Thanks for the heads up, Anna. :)

  9. Thanks Anna!!I love that you put these lists together! I have many of them on my TBB list but I always find a few that I miss each month too!! :)

  10. so many good titles... Yay

    I'm still hoping to read Jean Johnson's series(books 5-7 I believe), since The Mage is coming out... maybe I'll just hit a bookstore one day and stay to read, hope they don't kick me out LOL as if they could...I dare them
    HA! :-p

  11. Candice... More of the Sons books should be releasing in mass market pretty soon. I probably won't buy The Mage right away, I still have The Flame to read.



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