Saturday, March 28, 2009


I finally got around to watching the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. It originally aired last week, but with it being the last episode I've been putting it off. I hated that it was ending. I'm sure there are fans out there that just hate the way the show ended. They did leave a lot of questions unanswered. But for myself I thought it was pretty damn great.

The first episode of BSG I saw was when Boomer shot the Old Man. From then on I was totally addicted. It is one of the best shows out there, and will definitely be missed. Lucky for us fans(and most fans know this already) there is gonna be a spin-off called Caprica. It will be taking place 50 years prior the the events in BSG. I can't wait to see what this one is gonna be like.

So Say We All


  1. Glad there is going to be a spin off Anna, that is great. At least it gives fans something to look forward too.

    Best Regards

  2. I need to look at a map and make sure Pine City is not in a flood zone! Hey, I have a question: my man and I started this series and we stopped watching because it was just so dark and dismal with nothing to look forward to, but we're huge sci fi fans. Does it change as it goes in a way that makes it not seem dark?

  3. Hey CJ... No, I'm not in the flood zone. That is way up north.

    As for BSG, it is dark and dismal mostly cause of the the situation that they find their selves in. There are a few times when it's not so dark. I thought it was dark too, but it's worth sticking with.

  4. Okay, thanks for the answer. Maybe worth a second go!!!

  5. When I was young, sooo long ago I watched BSG, (the first one, I think it was in the early 80's) and I remember I liked it... Maybe I should try this one...

  6. Like Eva said, I used to watch the original too :). But I'm so bad with keeping up with the TV, that I never know about new things coming out. I'm glad you liked the ending. Hmm, maybe if you keep me informed with the new series, Caprica, I'll see if I can remember to watch that one! :).

  7. I think I'll check it out. I never got around to watching it but I did get interested when I heard Lucy Lawless was on it for a while. So I think I'll see if I can find it at the library. Well a spin off is always cool. Who knows I might end up hooked myself even though I'm late to the party.

  8. Yeah the original Battlestar Galactica aired back in 1978. I was still in diapers then so I never watched it. Then there was Galactica 1980.

    AmyC... LOL yeah I noticed that with True Blood. I'll let you know when Caprica comes on. ;)

    Barbara... Lucy Lawless was in quite a few episodes. I loved Xena, but didn't care for her BSG character too much.

    I was a little late to the party too. I didn't start watching until the end of season one.

  9. I wasn't a watcher of the show, but I do know alot of people who enjoyed it. I'm happy to hear there will be a spin off for all the fans.

  10. Yeah, True Blood, and before that was Moonlight :). I used to love Star Trek the next generation so maybe I'll like Caprica, it's got that sci/fi thing goin on!

    Who knows!

  11. The only reason I remember to watch America Idol is because we watch it as a family, so Shawn and Devin remember that it's coming on!

  12. I was never a big Star Trek fan, but I love the movies. My favorite ones are with the cast of Star Trek TNG. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new movie coming out in May. I've heard rumors that there might be another Star Trek TV series, that would be pretty cool.

    It's the same here. I remember when shows are on because my mom and I watch most of the same series.



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