Thursday, March 5, 2009

Invading Borders...

well sorta
Here is what I got:

Angel's Blood- Nalini Singh

Seducing A Scottish Bride- Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Kitty Raises Hell- Carrie Vaughn

Second Skin- Caitlin Kittredge

As Shadows Fade- Colleen Gleason

Vampire Knight Vol. 6

Men of the Otherworld- Kelley Armstrong

The Vampire's Quest- Vivi Anna

I think this trip was tame compared to others. But only because I was unable to find a few of the books on my list. :)


  1. You did really good Anna!! I love when I go shopping and actually find books that are on my list! :)

  2. Nice list, Anna!! I'm cut off for a bit :( It's far too out of control, lol! Plus--you ready--I've won 3 contests in 3 weeks! YAY!!! I REALLY need to go to Vegas or something!

  3. You got some awesome reads Anna!

    I love those vamp stories and you know of so many I don't. My TBR is expanding daily here!

    Yikes... lol


  4. Border's has been invaded!

    I don't think I have ever bought more than 5 books at one time. To buy 8...:) nice!

    I'm reading Seducing a Scottish Bride now. It's pretty good. Reading her books always makes me want to go to Scotland.

  5. Same here Blanche, it doesn't happen often but nice when it does.

    3 Barbara, damn. You should play the lottery it's closer to home. :D

    Thanks Lea, here is a good vampire book source:

    Amy.. Well technically The Vampire Quest isn't out yet. It arrive today with my Nocture order.


  6. I tried to invade Borders the other day and they sucked! lol On Tuesday I went and could only find 2 of the many I was looking for. Apparently they had been re-arranging the store and "forgot" to get any of the romance new releases out. Geesh! They did manage to find Angels' Blood for me in the back but none of the others. Thank heavens Shadow Queen was in the Sci-Fi section. :)

    You made a great haul!



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