Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[ARC Review] - The Lace Reader

Title: The Lace Reader
Author: Brunonia Barry
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Year: 2009

I received this book for review from Edelman PR & Harper Collins.

Summary: Look into the lace . . . When the eyes begin to fill with tears and the patience is long exhausted, there will appear a glimpse of something not quite seen... In this moment, an image will begin to form . . . in the space between what is real and what is only imagined.

Can you read your future in a piece of lace? All of the Whitney women can. But the last time Towner read, it killed her sister and nearly robbed Towner of her own sanity. Vowing never to read lace again, her resolve is tested when faced with the mysterious, unsolvable disappearance of her beloved Great Aunt Eva, Salem's original Lace Reader. Told from opposing and often unreliable perspectives, the story engages the reader's own beliefs. Should we listen to Towner, who may be losing her mind for the second time? Or should we believe John Rafferty, a no nonsense New York detective, who ran away from the city to a simpler place only to find himself inextricably involved in a psychic tug of war with all three generations of Whitney women? Does either have the whole story? Or does the truth lie somewhere in the swirling pattern of the lace?

Thoughts: Towner Whitney, the main character is wonderfully spunky. She draws the reader in from first page to last. Brunonia Barry has a great writing voice which makes the book a delight to read. I love stories that take place in Salem this one was no different. The author's description of Salem is descriptive and full of Historical tidbits.

Towner's story is so many things, but I don't want to give too much away. But I will say her story is sad, mysterious, touching and captivating.

Score: 4 Stars

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  1. This one sounds lovely :)
    I do wanna read it. great review

  2. This sounds really good!! Can't wait, great review Anna

  3. I read this one last year, it was pretty good, but the end kind of did me in, I thought it was a bit over the top and very confusing! still I did like the island of Goldens! :D I reviewed it back then as well. Glad you liked it!

  4. This one sounds interesting, Anna. Glad you enjoyed it :).

  5. Thanks! It's not normally what I read but it was in set in Salem. That factor always draws me in.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation Anna!!

    :) VFG

  7. I haven't seen this particular cover before. Really want to get around to reading this one eventually!

  8. Yes, I've seen the other cover. I believe the one I have is the UK Cover.



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