Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Shopping/In My Mailbox [6]

So I went into Borders with a list (really I did), and it had two books on it. I came out with 5 books. Which is really good. Usually I leave with 8 or 9. :) Here's what I got:

Devil in a Kilt- Sue Ellen Welfonder
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie- Jennifer Ashley
Sea Lord- Virginia Kantra
Doomsday Can Wait- Lori Handeland
Relentless- Lauren Dane

And in the mail this week I got:

Sword of Darkness- Kinley MacGregor
Ask For It- Sylvia Day
Storm Glass- Maria V. Snyder
BTVS GN Season 8 Vol. 4
Calvin and Hobbes


  1. The Madness of Lord McKenzie is screaming my name!

    Happy reading Anna!

  2. Ah, I didn't like the first from Lori H. Id like to see what you think about the sequel. :)

  3. ¨Sea lord, nice :) I so wanna read, must read that series.

  4. Hi Anna!

    What a great haul! I love getting books in the mail!

    The Madness of Lord McKenzie sounds so tasty.

    Dottie :)

  5. Barbara,
    LMAO! Well you better run and get him. :D

    It wasn't my favorite either, I love her Nightcreature books better. But there were a few characters I really liked, so I'm gonna give it another try.

  6. Anna a wonderful haul - i am going through a crime fiction phase at the moment..

    Me as well Blodeuedd "Sea Lord" - I have to read...

    Enjoy, enjoy...


  7. Children of the Sea is a great series. I discovered it through the Prequel for the series in Shifter anthology. Wonderful short story!

  8. ooh, I have 'The Madness of Lord McKenzie'. After Kristie J's wonderful review weeks ago, I had to buy it as soon as it released.

    Happy Reading,

  9. Anna... nice bag of goodies you got there girl! I got Lord Ian last week too!!! After reading it on Kristie J's page... I had to find it... Girl, don't feel bad with your list... I walk into Borders with a notebook.... did you hear... A NOTEBOOK!!!! I get looks from people who just do not understand!!! LOL!!!

  10. Happens every time. I can't walk out with just one book either!

    I have Jennifer Ashley's coming in the mail. Welfounder is in my TBR but now thinking of it, i'm in the mood to read one again.

    I have to get the whole trilogy of Kantra's! I read the novella in the SHIFTERS anthology that is related to this series and very good! I got my Dorchester May books form the bookclub in the mail (Lovespell) WHEN SPARKS FLY by Autumn Dawn and A LITTLE LIGHT MAGIC by Joy Nash. This one's a contemp and I was looking forward to finally getting to read one! Its been too long!

    Is Borders having a sale? I love their buy 3 get one free!

  11. I believe it Cecile.

    I just recently added my list to my pda. That way I won't buy anymore doubles. LOL

  12. Caffey,

    I didn't see any sale at my store. But they do have a thing going on this weekend. When you spend $50 you'll get a $10 gift card for you next visit.

    Plus there if your a rewards member you should have gotten a 25%off coupon in your email.

  13. I'm a bit jealous-- Madness of Lord McKenzie has been practically begging me to buy it, but I've been trying to control myself lately (After my TBR pile got to a staggering 150 during the winter).

    I've been pretty good-- I haven't been to the bookstore in almost a month and a half! Which, for me, is pure torture, by the way. But if I go in, I know I won't come out until I've got a pile almost as tall as I am! Nothing wrong with that, of course... until I remember, oops, I still have monthly bills to pay! LOL

    I'm thinking of going shopping again soon though-- I've been itching for some of the new releases. Like Ward's newest? I'm ashamed to say I haven't picked it up yet!

    Oh, quick question if you don't mind, but how do you get two sidebars on your blog? I know a lot of you have them, and I've been meaning to figure out how to get mine that way as well. I'm running out of room to put things in the one, lol, and I don't want it to be just this long list of things only on one side...

    Enjoy your books, Anna! Can't wait to here your opinion on them, especially Lord M's book.


  14. Hi TBQ,

    Well Barbara, actually designed this one. But I have a few links that might help you. I'll send them to your email.

  15. Ooooh - nice haul there!! Some of them I have, some I want. And Calvin and Hobbes - comics just haven't been the same since they left the pages. I LOVED that comic strip.

  16. Great books! I loved Ian McKenzie, can't wait for the rest in this series!

    And I want Sea Lord too!!

  17. the madness of lord ian mckenzie is really good i got it last week and couldn't put it down i hope you enjoye dit as much as i did



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