Thursday, May 7, 2009

I So Love

Not that that I needed anymore books, but the prices of the Trade paperbacks are just too good to pass up. has trade paperbacks at insanely cheap prices. Below Is what I ordered. Each book was under $10. Plus if it's shipping in the U.S and you spend over $25- shipping is free. That's what I call a very nice deal. :)


  1. I love that cover for 'On The Prowl'.

    I'll have to check this site out. Thanks for the link Anna!

    :) VFG

  2. I was looking up a few books yesterday there and was thinking about placing an order! Two of the books were only 8 bucks each instead of the usual 15!

  3. Wow, those are some hot books Anna!!! I will be writing those down right now. I have never heard of this website.. I will have to go check it out. I love buying from Borders and walmart... but free shipping mean I dont have to use my gas to go the store!

  4. Anna,

    That is an awesome deal. I'll be honest - I have passed on a book before because it was only in trade paperback and I just hated the thought of paying $15 for a paperback book. :) Thanks for the heads up on the website.


    Oh and I can't wait for the new Richelle Mead book.

  5. What an amazing deal Anna!

    And the cover of the "Inferno" book? OMG - I must have it!

    I didn't realize that author wrote for Aphrodisia!

    I don't need any more books either, but damn!


  6. Michelle,

    I hear ya on Succubus Heat. I wasn't a fan on how it ended. So I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Yeah, Vivi Anna has few books out through Aphrodisia. Inferno is a sequel to a book called Hell Kat. I read it a few months back and really enjoyed it.

  7. OMG! Heading over there now. I love trade paperback books. Thanks for the info. I didn't even know of this online book store. And here, I thought I was going to get catch up on my blog reading. *big grin*

  8. Oh a great deal! On my way to check that out. I never heard of that site before! Happy reading!

  9. Actually Tower has been around for a while. They are just Tower Records. Not sure when they started selling books. But I'm glad they did. :)



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