Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Review] - Seduce the Darkness

Title: Seduce the Darkness
Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Alien Huntress
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Futuristic
Year: 2009

I received this book from Simon & Schuster.

Summary: The war between otherworlders and humans changed Earth beyond recognition. It also saved Bride McKells’s life. Before, the gorgeous vampire was a target for every fanatic with a stake and a crucifix. Now she’s free to roam the streets—and desperate to find others of her kind. One man claims to have the answers she seeks. Devyn, King of the Targons, is a warrior and a womanizer, and he makes no secret of how much he wants Bride—and how dangerous he could be to her in every way.

An avid collector of women, Devyn easily seduces human and otherworlder alike. Until now. Not only does Bride resist him, but she leaves Devyn feeling something entirely new . . . a bone-deep need bordering on obsession. Her blood is the key to curing a vicious alien disease, but helping Bride uncover her origins will compel her to choose between electrifying passion and a destiny that could tear her from Devyn’s side forever.

Thoughts: Ms. Showalter has created a wonderful futuristic world where humans and aliens or otherworlders co-existed. Maybe co-existed isn't the right word. They exist together it's just not all that peaceful. That's were AIR (Alien Investigation and Removal) comes in.

Devyn is the King of Targons, a warrior race. He is self-assured and his one goal is to sleep with as many different species of women he can find. He never get jealous or territorial and he never sleeps with the same species twice. That is until he meets vampire, Bride McKell.

I really enjoyed this story. Devyn and Bride work well together. They bicker and annoy each other. But they also can't get enough of each other. That always makes for a good story. Seduce the Darkness is a wonderful addition the series, steamy, with action packed excitement. If you want to escape to another world. This series/book is the way to go.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website: http://genashowalter.com/

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Upcoming Releases:
The Darkest Whisperer - August 25, 2009
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  1. This book is a must have for me. Plan on getting me a copy.

    Didn't this series start out as YA? Does Seduce the Darkness cross this series over to Futuristic PNR out of YA? Or is it still considered YA?

    Congrats to the Winners!

  2. Hi Donna,
    Nope it didn't start off as a YA series. The only two young adult books in the series is Red Handed and Blacklisted, the others are adult.

    You don't really need to read the YA books to read the other ones. A couple characters from YA books show up in the other books, but they aren't important to the main story. Here is he order the books were released in...

    Alien Huntress
    1. Awaken Me Darkly (2005)
    2. Enslave Me Sweetly (2006)
    3. Red Handed (2006)
    4. Black Listed (2007)
    5. Savor Me Slowly (2007)
    6. Seduce the Darkness (2009)

  3. Thanks for the summary on the title Anna...

    I like the premise of this book. Will look into getting this one.


  4. Sleep with as many species as possible...oh what an ass he sounds like. But I can't know if I would like him or not before I tried teh books.

  5. Anna,

    I have read the first book in this series...the rest are on my wish list. :)

    Thanks for the review.


  6. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for clearing that up and the tips on reading this series. Much appreciated. I knew I'd seen somewhere that the series was YA somehow.

  7. Hi Anna!! Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Hi Blodeuedd,

    Devyn is an ass, but a charming one. He does eventually get over that every species goal. :)

    Your welcome, I know the YA has confused a few people.

  9. Awesome review Anna! I saw this on the new release list at Borders and it looked really interesting!! :)

  10. Hi Nath,

    Nope this isn't a new series. The first book came out back in 2005.



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