Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[Promo] - The Stolen One

Out Now!

Book Description:

When her adoptive mother dies, Katherine Bab takes the chance she has been waiting for her whole life: she moves from her country village to London, to uncover the secret of who she really is. Before long, Kat has become the favorite of Queen Elizabeth herself, and rumors are swirling-could fiery-haired Kat be the secret daughter of the Virgin Queen. Kat's got plenty of other things to figure out, as well . . . such as how to choose between her childhood love and the two handsome men at court vying for her affections.

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  1. Anna,

    This is another one I think B would like. :)


  2. Hi Michelle,

    I think she would like it too. I was just thinking that when I was putting the post together.


  3. Oh nice Anna!!! Love this one... where do you find all these amazing books??

  4. I found out about this one through the author.

  5. Ooh, this one sounds interesting!

  6. Anna,
    Ooo, pretty, that hair caught my eye, and I think this sure would be a book for me

    You do keep coming across cool books

  7. Ooh, I love historical fiction - this looks like a good one :-D Thanks for posting on this - I'm terrible when it comes to keeping up to date with new historical releases :-P :-D


  8. Hey Anna..

    So good you highlighted this one - I did read it as well..

    A definite coming of age book with a strong voice by the author, The cover was the attraction when my friend Dani introduced it to me...

    hope you read it soon..




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