Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Shopping

Here is what I got at Borders....
(they didn't have Highland Obsession- shame on them, so I ordered it.)

Got these at Half-Price Books.... I got to the counter and my mom says I can't believe you found more books. I just laughed at the silly woman. LOL!

was the first to post that I was born in 1976. Here's her prize.
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Thanks again for all the Birthday Wishes!!!


  1. Oh! I see Vampire Knight and Shiver! A lot of people seem to love those book xD

    Mmmmm is that lotion from Bath&Body Works? I love some of their scents.

  2. YAY T.A. Pratt! Enjoy, I love Marla Mason!

  3. OH... Very lovely!!!

    And to my dear friend....
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to my dear friend Anna!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    I wish you many more... and if this is how you celebrate your b-day... with books like that... I am so celebrating with you for mine!!!!!
    I hope you had an amazing day!! And I hope you have an ever wonderfuller... *my word* day tomorrow!!

  4. Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo. Leos rule!!! I got book store gift cards too - already spent. Aren't they the best? Enjoy.

  5. Anna,

    Very nice book haul. :) I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Pratt book.

    I hope you had a wonderful day and a great birthday. :)


  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  7. Yan...
    Vampire Knight is great. Very addicting.

    LOL! Thanks for the Birthday song.

    They are the best. I still have my BN to spend. But it's about to disappear here in a few. :)

    Thanks, I've already read a bit of Blood Engines... and what I've read I'm really liking.

  8. Can't believe you found more books...HA! People say silly things like that to me all the time too. LOL

  9. I've seen a ton of awesome reviews on Shiver. I want to get it myself.

    That's a nice birthday stash of books. Very nice! Looks like your birthday shopping spree was a resounding success.

    Happy Birthday Reading!

  10. Hi Anna!

    Happy Birthday again! (I will spare you my singing twice)

    I can't believe you found a Vickie Taylor, sooo jealous!!!! I love Vickie Taylor, so hard to find.

    I can't wait to read Shiver, should be excellent!

    Dottie :)

  11. Hi Dottie...

    I was surprised to find it too. They actually had both gargoyle books. I had already found book one on PBS.

  12. Nice shopping trip!!
    Wow, my fingers are itching for shopping now too, lol, must wait to my own birthday which is terribly far away

  13. Funny, I sometimes say that to my mom! I think she buys more books than I do ;)! One time she bought ten books to my two!! LOL

    So happy you found a nice selection of books. I hope you like Tortured! I ordered Bad Moon Rising the other day. I was looking on amazon and it's not getting good reviews :(. I'll be curious to read it now. It's one I've been waiting a long time for.

  14. Oh, nice stack there! I hope you enjoy them-- especially "Shiver", I've heard good ones about that!

    Happy B-Day Anna, hope you had a great one! :)


  15. AmyC...
    I started Bad Moon Rising last night. But didn't get too far.

  16. Ooh, you got Totured! I'm looking forward to your thoughts!!

  17. And that's

  18. LOL! I also have The Diary of Cozette on the way too.



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