Saturday, September 12, 2009

[ARC Review] - Lucan

Title: Lucan
Author: Susan Kearney
Series: The Pendragon Legacy
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Year: 2009

I received this book for review from Hachette Book Group.

Healer and high priestess of her people, Lady Cael is fated to life without a mate. But a mysterious explorer named Lucan Rourke doesn’t know her secrets, and his touch makes her crave a future that her extraordinary birthright has forbidden her...

Lucan has just one mission on Pendragon: to find the mythical Holy Grail, Earth’s only hope for survival. His powerful attraction to Cael is a distraction he can’t afford, unless he convinces her to join forces with him. Yet working so closely together only heightens their passion...even when the terrifying truth of Cael’s heritage threatens to shatter Lucan’s every belief—and the galaxy itself.

Thoughts: Lucan & Cael both work in the same lab on Pendragon & are instantly attracted to one another. Both their worlds, Earth and Pendragon are in desperate situations. The one thing both of their worlds need is the Holy Grail. It could also be the one thing that could tear them apart.

Lucan is a non-stop, entertaining read. Filled with adventure and steamy scenes. Lucan and Cael sizzle. Ms. Kearney has done a wonderful job creating this new world. My favorite part of the story has been the dragon element. I think fans of the King Arthur legends will enjoy this new twist. This was my first time reading Susan Kearney's work, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

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The Pendragon Legacy:
Lucan- Out Now
Rion- December 2009
Jordan- March 2010


  1. Love twists on the King Arthur legend (Angela Knight has a great series where they're all a type of vampire) so I may have to try this!

  2. I love Angela Knight's series too. I can't wait to read the new book coming out in 2010

  3. Hey Anna,

    I wrote this one down. I did look for it yesterday but none were on the shelf at the store. But maybe I'll try for a copy here on the 20th :).

  4. Anna,

    I have this one on the shelf. - glad to know you enjoyed it. :)

    Wonderful review. :)


  5. Stories/movies with references to the Holy Grail have always fascinated me. I'll have to check into this one.

  6. Sounds good to me :D
    I do have my eye on this book

  7. Oh I didn't know there was a new one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up!



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