Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: My Favorite Blogs

Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Since its all about Book Bloggers I thought I would mention some of my favorite blogs. I have been blogging for two years now and reading blogs has become just as addicting as blogging itself. I read a little over 100 blogs. Not everyday, but most of them. The very first book blog I started reading on a regular basis was Ramblings on Romance Etc... If you haven't been to see Kristi's blog I recommended it she sure knows her romance. I love all the blogs I read, but below you will find some of my favorite ones. :)

My BBAW Giveaway went up on Sunday. You can enter HERE


  1. Aww thank you Anna for including me :D I am flattered.

    New to me ones there, I will have a look around and see what I find. That is always fun

  2. Thanks Anna! Your blog is an absolute joy to read.

  3. You've named some really great blogs! I'll have to check the ones out that are new to me =)

  4. Thanks Anna! :) I love your blog (and you) too! :P

  5. ((Hugs)) Thanks for the mention, Anna! :D I'm beyond flattered!

    I always enjoy stopping by your blog, I just never know what I'll find, but it's always something good. And I know what you mean-- I started out following only a few blogs, now I go through a good 40 or more a day. Lol. But it's all good-- I like stopping by to see what my fellow friends are up to. :D

    Keep up the great work, Girl!

  6. thanks for the posting! I added a couple new blogs to my reader. I also posted my list Debbie's World of Books

  7. Thanks so much Anna. Yours was one of my first :)

  8. Anna!

    Thank you so much for the mention. Your blog was one of the first I visited and continue to enjoy your posts and am amazed at what a prolific reader you are and how many contests you have here.

    You have an awesome blog Anna!


  9. Thank you! Your blog is in my top 5, I love coming by here. :)

    Great list, there are some here I need to check out.

  10. Thanks, Anna. You're one of my favorite bloggers, too! Even back when we just blogged on myspace together. Man, that feels like ages ago.

    I also visit almost all of those blogs you list as well. Some are new, though. I gotta go check those out! :)

  11. Aw thanks sweetie! I love your blog as well. I always get great book rec's from you. :)

  12. Why thank you, Anna!

    It's always so exciting to me when I find people, like you, who love books as I do.

    Can't wait to check out some of these on your list. :-)

  13. Hi Anna!

    Thanks for the mention, your blog is always fabulous!

    I'll check out some that are new to me.

    Dottie :)



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