Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[Series Spotlight] - Guardian of the Night

This is a series I came across back in 2006 when I was searching for vampire books. I have only read the first two book, but loved both of them.

Book Summary:
Jamie McPherson stood on the wind-swept cliff, tears stinging her eyes; she cried out into the darkness of night, to the hero of her dreams—that special person all girls dream of coming to their rescue, a knight in shining armor. What she didn’t expect to hear, as she looked over the desolate vastness of the Pacific Ocean, was an answer. Aerik stopped what he was doing and concentrated. There it was again. A voice so pure, so sweet, so filled with grief it touched his darkened soul. Who was this human girl that had unknowingly connected to him? How was it possible—this girl whose life was but a flicker in time compared to his—for her to touch him so? He was consumed with the desire to protect her, to touch her, to possess her. He vowed he would find her. He would have her.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Publish America

Book Summary:
Kayla backed up for every step he advanced. Her heart pounded painfully against her chest. She swore she saw flames flickering behind the vibrant colors in his eyes. She had never felt so afraid, so…alive? When she realized she couldn’t escape him, she stood her ground, lifting her head defiantly in challenge. Tray didn’t move, standing over her like a warlord about to pass judgment. He had read her thoughts as if she had shouted them at him. He looked over the perfection of her body, missing nothing, not one line, not one curve, not one freckle. He then stared into her eyes till she met and held his gaze. He saw many emotions in their blue depths; there it was, fear. Good, she should be afraid of him.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Publish America

This is the latest book in the series, came out September 7, 2009. Below I have the links on where to purchase this book. It has an a page at Amazon, but currently it's not in stock. I'm hoping some will come in stock soon. Otherwise your best bet is to get this book at Publish America.

Book Summary:
I'm scared. The words barely left her lips. You should be. "There's nothing to fear," he assured her, his blue eyes capturing hers, looking deep into their golden depths. He held her there with his gaze thinking about - no, savoring - what was to come. “I don't know if I'll be able to drink blood," she admitted with a slight stammer. Ah, but you already have. "You'll be fine, I'll take care of it," he whispered in her mind. His voice was so deep and rugged, damn it! She could just listen to him talk forever. How could any one man be so sexy, so seductive with just a word or a thought? She couldn’t look away from his eyes…then again she didn’t want to.

Available: Amazon & Publish America

Note: I have never been able to find a website for Jody Offen, If anyone finds one please send it my way. Thanks!

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  1. Anna - Great spotlight! I have never heard of these books. They look very interesting. I love finds like these, thank you for sharing.



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