Sunday, May 2, 2010

[Review] - The Turning: What Curiosity Kills

Title: The Turning: What Curiosity Kills
Author: Helen Ellis
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: May 1, 2010

I received this book for review from Sourcebooks.

Summary: Mary Richards is a normal sixteen-year-old girl living in Manhattan. Well, almost normal. She goes to private school on the Upper East Side, having been saved from a life of squalor by an adoptive family. But she’s also slowly transforming into a cat.

Struggling to hide her physical metamorphosis, Mary discovers that she isn’t alone. A whole race of cat people prowls the streets of Manhattan at night, including Mary’s long-time crush, Nick.

Aside from heightened feline senses, hanging out with Nick is the best thing about discovering her inner kitty. But Mary’s transformation is special and could decide the outcome of a citywide turf war. She must decide whether to embrace her powerful feline side and become a pack leader or go back to being a normal teenage girl. Can she land on her feet or will curiosity be her downfall?

Thoughts: Mary is a pretty normal 16 year old. Having been adopted she's definitely living a better life now. But lately she has been feeling really odd, doing odd things that she can't explain. Mary learns that she is slowly turning into a feline, but it's not that simple. She's got some tough choice to make. So, much for normal.

This was a fast fun read. I have a tabby cat who thinks he's human, so I enjoyed this story. The Turning was different but intriguing, very unique with boat loads of charm. It's like nothing I've ever come across before. It had some really funny-laugh out loud moments. Both Mary and her sister Octavia were great characters. While this wasn't a favorite of mine, I am interested to see how things play out in the next book. This book will definitely spark the interest of cat lovers.

Score: 3 stars

Favorite Line/Quote: "Girl you were purring!"

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  1. I wasn't a big fan of this book. I did like your review though. What did you think of the cover?

  2. I love the cover, especially the cat eye. :)

  3. I do love cats, so this one could be nice. And think that I never got that cat eye before when I looked at the cover

  4. I've always kept a lookout for books like this ever since I read one as a kid (might have been Goosebumps but not positive about that). This one sounds well done!

  5. I DO NOT like the cover.

    I pretty much agree with your assessment. Not really my thing, but interesting nonetheless. Do you mind if I link your review from mine?

  6. Hi Nessie,

    Sure feel free to link me to your review.



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