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[Review] - Deals with Demons

Title: Deals With Demons
Author: Victoria Davies
Series: Angels and Demons
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica
Release Date: May 25, 2010

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: Remembering the past can be painful. Ignoring it can be deadly.

In a world filled with magic, demons and death, Talia survives using her inborn ability to sense and track demons. A handy skill for a demon hunter. There’s one demon, though, who’s never far from her mind or her heart, damn his black soul.

Years ago Devlin saved Talia from the murderous demon who killed her family. The memory of him has haunted her ever since the night she fled his home, her body branded with a permanent reminder of his lust—and her humiliation.

Now he’s back at her door with an offer she can’t refuse. He’s found the one who killed her family, and he’ll help her kill the monster. For a price. One last heated night in her arms.

Temptation and the chance for revenge are too much for Talia to resist. However, once bound to Devlin in an unbreakable deal, Talia realizes too late there’s more at stake than the death of her nightmares. Her heart wasn’t supposed to be part of the bargain…but she should have known to expect anything when she made a deal with this demon.

Warning: This title contains hot demons and hotter sex. Author advises caution when making deals with the damned.

Thoughts: Talia was born with the ability to sense and track demons- which really works out for since her chosen profession is a demon hunter. There is one demon that will always remain with her no matter what. Several years ago Devlin saved her from the demon who killed her family. Now after all these years he's back offering to help her get her revenge, but it comes with a price. A price that could very well break her heart all over again.

Deals with Demons is the third story in the Angels and Demons series. Once again we have very intoxicating hero in Devlin. It's true he's a demon, but to Talia he's been her hero since she was a child. Devlin is good, compared to other demons- but still can be vicious when it counts. Mysterious and very seductive. I enjoyed this story and definitely recommend it. Actually I recommend all three novellas in this series. All of them are full of action and emotional driven stories.

The novellas in the Angel and Demon series can be read in any order. They are stand alone stories.

Score: 3 Stars

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  1. Sounds excellent Anna! Kind of formative, but sometimes, I like those kind of stories too. I might pick it up and give it a try.

    Dottie :)



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