Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling Crafty...

For the most part I'm not all that crafty. But when it comes to Author goodies (bookmarks, postcards etc..) I keep them on scrapbook pages in a big binder. That's really extent of me doing crafts. But back in 2008 I made my first framed goodies. When I put my latest bunch of goodies in my scrapbook I had some left over so I decided to frame some more. Below is my latest framed work. I think it turned out pretty well. Better than I thought it would. :)

Sherrilyn Kenyon- put together in 2008


  1. Nice work Anna :)
    I wish I had a crafty side that could do things like that

  2. Anna,

    That looks great! I love the purple background.


  3. I love those swirly black embellishments!

  4. Wow! What a great idea! And nice job. You've sparked a desire...but, gah, I have no talent in that area. Maybe I can bribe a friend. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think that is great Anna!!!! Now you are making me think what I can do with my stuff, lol!
    Hope all is going well and have a great day!

  6. Thats what I started doing with them! I love scrapbooking and thought it would be a great idea with my goodies. I love your idea though of framing them. Those look great! Thanks for a great idea and keep up with the craftiness!

  7. Nice Collections Anna, framing means you have the chance to look at them daily instead of hiding away between the pages of a scrapbook album. Very nicely done and bet you are enjoying looking at all the pretties now!

    jackie b ^_^

  8. Omgosh Anna what a great Idea I love the Framed Sherrilyn Kenyon.
    You have given me a great Idea I have a brown envelope of Bookmarks Plates and stuff don't want to get rid of them Scrap book is a perfect way to keep them organized.
    Did you free hand the black swirls ?

  9. Thanks everyone! I love collection author goodies and this is a fun way to preserve them. :)

    Hi Alba,

    Nope I didn't hand draw the swirls. They are just a sticker set that I found in the scrapbook section at Walmart.

  10. I know this is an older post, but I really loved this!! This is so sooo nice!! I have just started my collection also, I have a few extra's if you are interested let me know!!

  11. Thank you Joann! It's always nice to get comments on old posts. :) I'm a bit behind on my scrapbook on my swag. I got to get on that again.



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