Thursday, September 9, 2010

CSN Review: Spine Book Tower

When I was contacted by CSN stores again, I knew exactly the product I wanted to review. Above is the product picture of the item I have been drooling over for months. A spine book tower! It's technical name is SEI 55" H Spine Book Tower - BE0895.

Made by Southern Enterprises

-Powder coated silver finish
-Spine book tower
-11 Shelves
-Solid metal construction
-Dimensions: 55.25" H x 16" W x 14" D


Package, Parts and Finished Product
Click on the graphics to see a bigger picture.
My package was shipped out on August 18th, with an estimated arrived date of August 30th. So, I was surprised when it arrived early on August 21st.

The whole package was a little bit heavy, but I didn't have much trouble getting it in to the house. It arrived safely, no damage on the outside or to any of the parts. Once I got all the styrofoam and all the parts out of the box it only took me about 30 minutes to put together. This item was much easier to put together than the last product I reviewed from CSN.

Here is the finish product with my books on the tower. I was able to fit 42 books, but I still have some room for a few more books. I love the finished produced- a 5 Star item!

CSN is now known as Wayfair.


  1. I love the look of this one!! It looks like it can get squeezed into tight spots if necessary! Very nice!:)

  2. Hi Blanche,

    Thanks! Your right, it works great in tight spots. I have it between my desk and the door.



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