Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Review] - Size Matters by Stephanie Julian

Title: Size Matters
Author: Stephanie Julian
Series: The Fringe
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 8, 2010

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: Carrie Benton's got the best job in the world working as a reporter for the Weekly News Journal. Chupacabra picnicking at the Jersey shore? Check. Aliens in the White House? Absolutely. Bigfoot stalking the forests of northern Pennsylvania? Well, okay... but Bigfoot is so Left Coast.

Tim Sattizahn can't believe his luck. The six-foot redhead who crashed into his forest during a snowstorm is gorgeous, funny and hot for him. Everything would be perfect except for the fact that she's looking for Bigfoot.

And, unfortunately for Tim, she's found him...

Thoughts: Carrie Benton works for the Weekly New Journal, which reports about UFO sitings, the bat boy and all sorts of other oddities. When her boss sends her out to a remote area in Pennsylvania to get photos of the reported Bigfoot, she didn't actually think she'd find Bigfoot. Especially not in the form of sexy Tim Sattizhan.

Size Matters is a hot little read. Fast and tantalizing. This is the first in a new series and it's definitely a great beginning. Stephanie Julian does an excellent job at world building The world's she creates are always a joy to spend time in. This being a short story, things moved along quickly. But it was the perfect pace. Carrie & Tim's story is both funny and sexy. I really liked this one, I'm looking forward to reading more stories of The Fringe.

Score: 4 Stars

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  1. Sounds nice, oh and the title does make me giggle

  2. I love the title too. Hehe. It's the perfect title for the story. :)

  3. Oh my! That cover and title. *blush* Definitely makes me giggle!

  4. That cover is so sexy! I love it when it gives you a clue as to who the characters are inside. I just bought this! Thanks for the awesome review!!!!!

  5. Anna, thanks so much for a great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Tim and Carrie's story.

  6. Brande, I hope you enjoy. Please let me know.

  7. Rhiannon, I have to say that cover's one of my favorites.

  8. Blodeuedd, then it's done it's job. yeah!



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