Monday, October 4, 2010

[ARC Review] - Crescendo

Title: Crescendo
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Series: Hush, Hush
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: October 19, 2010

I received this book from review from Simon & Schuster.

Summary:  Nora should have known her life was far from perfect. Despite starting a relationship with her guardian angel, Patch (who, title aside, can be described as anything but angelic), and surviving an attempt on her life, things are not looking up. Patch is starting to pull away and Nora can't figure out if it's for her best interest or if his interest has shifted to her arch-enemy, Marcie Millar. Not to mention that Nora is haunted by images of her father and she becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to him that night he left for Portland and never came home.

The further Nora delves into the mystery of her father's death, the more she comes to question if her Nephilim bloodline has something to do with it as well as why she seems to be in danger more than the average girl. Since Patch isn't answering her questions and seems to be standing in her way, she has to start finding the answers on her own. Relying too heavily on the fact that she has a guardian angel puts Nora at risk again and again. But can she really count on Patch or is he hiding secrets darker than she can even imagine?

Thoughts: Nora has survived the threat on her life and still has Patch by her it's Summer. Life couldn't get any better. Nora feels at this moment it's just perfect. But her perfect falls apart fast. Nora is in danger once again, but from who she doesn't know yet.  The death of her father is still haunting her. She has becomes obsessed with it, she needs to find out what happened that fateful night.  Past memories and secrets may hold the answers to what she's looking for.

Crescendo is a dark, enthralling read. Filled with mystery and romance that keep you turning the page. The action and drama keep this story at a wonderful pace - there isn't one dull moment.  I was one of the many that loved Hush, Hush (the first book) - so I was surprised and ecstatic that I got an advance copy. While there were a few times I would have loved to shake some sense into both Nora and Patch,  the sequel definitely lived up to all the anticipation.  Plus the ending is to die for.  When the cliffhanger hits, you'll be thirsty for more.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

Hush, Hush series:
Hush, Hush
Kiss Me Deadly (anthology)
Tempest- Fall 2011


  1. I loved Hush Hush too so I'm glad to hear this didn't disappoint! Thanks!

  2. Anna,

    Great review. B is reading this one now. :)


  3. Hope B is enjoying it as well. :)



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