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Interview/Giveaway with Mary Wine

It's my pleasure to welcome Mary Wine to my blog today. She is the author of Highland Hellcat. Let's give her a big welcome!

Hi Mary, Welcome to Anna's Book Blog! It's great having you here. To start off can you tell the readers a little about yourself?
MW: I’m a full time writer but my other love is making historical garments. My closet has clothing hundreds of years out of date in it. My writing office is known as ‘the secret lab’ and my sewing machines are in there along with my computer. The parrot is my office manager; he bosses me around and gets his way all the time. Since his perch is by the front window, that clearly makes him the office manager because his office has a view.

Highland Hellcat is your latest release, can you tells us a little about it and the series?
MW:  I love those Highlanders…grrrr. I love to read history. Yes, the word geek comes to mind but it’s true. I was reading an account of the murder of James the first of Scotland and the idea for this trilogy came to mind. History books are full of facts about what happened to the nobles but I began thinking…what about everyone else? They had to live through shifting alliances and power struggles. I wanted to give a couple a happy ending during a time when just getting by was considered doing well.

What is your writing day like?
MW: The parrot wakes me up at first light. I told you, he’s the office manager. lol. Really, he is so attached to us, he sleeps in a small cage in our master bathroom. He crawls down to the bottom of it and begins pulling on the thin rods…like he’s playing a harp. I am usually the first up and do a fair bit of writing while the house is still quite. I often dream of the next scene in my book, so it works out well because I have the chance to get it down before I become distracted by getting the day started with my boys.

When you’re not writing what kind of books do you like to read?
MW: I love romance. I’m always reading one! I also I read a lot of history.

What are 3 things that are "must haves" for you when you sit down to write a book?
MW: Research, dates, names and other facts of the time I’m writing in.

What inspired your most when writing Connor and Brina's story?
MW: The structure of life during these times. It was vitally important to these people. Think about it, they had no nightly news cast, no public library, no formalized education. The church stabilized their lives and in many ways helped them keep track of time. So how do you time how long it takes to hard boil an egg with no clock in the house? The lord’s prayer three times through. They had no idea why things happened, so they turned to superstition. Third daughters were often promised to the church as were third sons. What inspired me to write this story was the fact that one thing hasn’t changed… sometimes things don’t go as planed. So what happens then?

What type of research did you do for Highland Hellcat?
MW: I did quite a bit! I’ve done historical reenactment and not just a daily event such as a renaissance faire. I’ve camped, for an entire week and let me tell you, when there is no electricity… someone willing to tell a story by the fire side is very entertaining. One piper can put a smile on everyone’s face and learn little things about the clothing you never knew before. Those bodices, which push your… ahem… “fruit” up into a tempting display… well, they also keep those apples from falling forward, like when you’re working over the fire.

Who is your favorite Highlander (be it in history, books or movies)?
MW: Well I was quite the fan of Adrian Paul in ‘Highlander’. But I think my Highlanders are more like Braveheart…good men, unless pushed to their limits. Then there is the gentleman I met recently on a trip to Alaska. There I was, in a restored cat house and I hear a brogue so thick, I could have spread it on a piece of toast. I turned around and met a wonderful man, a true Highlander who was kind enough to answer all my questions about his home and yes, he plays golf.

Since becoming published, what has been your favorite part of the process?

MW: Being able to fondle a new book with my name on it…. and reading an email or card from someone that loved my story. I mean… my story… not one of the authors I love to read… mine. It’s humbling and exciting. Recently I attended RAW, Lora Leigh’s reader event. I hosted a welcome tea, in full Victorian dress and a lady came to see me. She brought me a beautiful handkerchief and her hand shook while she handed it to me because she was so excited to meet me. That was humbling and I treasure the memory. I can’t thank my readers enough, they make me the author I am.

What is up next for you and your writing?
MW: I’m between contracts, so I don’t know. I’ve been working on ideas and am waiting for an editor to put me to work! Some of the things I’ve got out there…Medieval, Steam Punk and Military contemporary. The last book in this series, Highland Heat, will be in stores in March 2011. You can always drop by my website for details of what I’m up to


“Hot enough to warm even the coldest Scottish Nights…”
—Publishers Weekly starred review of To Conquer a Highlander

He wants a wife he can control…
Connor Lindsey is a Highland laird, but his clan’s loyalty is hard won and he takes nothing for granted. He’ll do whatever it takes to find a virtuous wife, even if he has to kidnap her…

She has a spirit that can’t be tamed…
Brina Chattan has always defied convention. She sees no reason to be docile now that she’s been captured by a powerful laird and taken to his storm-tossed castle in the Highlands, far from her home.

When a rival laird’s interference nearly tears them apart, Connor discovers that a woman with a wild streak suits him much better than he’d ever imagined…

Mary Wine is a multi-published author in romantic suspense, fantasy and western romance; now her interest in historical reenactment and costuming has inspired her to turn her pen to historical romance. She lives with her husband and sons in southern California, where the whole family enjoys participating in historical reenactment. For more information, please visit
Thanks to Sourcebooks I have two copies of Highland Hellcat to giveaway.  To enter leave a comment along with your email address.  Open to U.S. & Canada. The winners will be announced November 1st. Good Luck!


  1. Hi Mary, I love highlanders and your books sound like they would be great to read. I love historicals and romance which you have combined so well. Thanks for stopping by to chat.

    Pls include me in the drawing.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. I ordered a book by Mary Wine the other day and cant wait to crak it open. Great interview ladies.


  3. This is a new author for me and that's why I love these blogs so much. I am always discovering new authors and books. I've read a few highland books and I've loved those. This book looks and sounds amazing, so please count me in. It says it ends on Oct. 1st. I'm hoping that's a typo and I didn't miss this because I'd love to win this book

  4. I read To Conquer a Highlander a few weeks ago and loved it. Really looking forward to reading Connor's tale...annhonATaolDOTcom

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  7. I love Highlander stories!
    Highland Hellcat sounds like a rousing read.

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  8. Hi Anna & Mary great Interview. Mary Can I come over and play dress up?
    It's one of my dreams to be in full Victorian dress with a Sexy Highlander at my side.
    Love Scottish History part of my heritage I miss Scotland Very much I hope to go home next year.
    Adding Mary's books to my TBB list.
    Have a good one Ladies.

  9. Great interview. Writing is like research, isn't it? Looking forward to reading this and others that you have written. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  10. Sounds good. I enjoyed the interview.

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  17. Great interview! And great book! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and read it! :D


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  18. Thank you for the great interview and contest. I'm really looking forward to reading this book as I have enjoyed her writing in the past.

    (We do Renaissance Faires too - I have my own sexy red-headed Highlander :)

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  19. Mary I love ur books and I can't wait to get my hands on this one as well



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