Sunday, February 27, 2011

March Book Releases

Demon Song- Cat Adams
Primal Bonds- Jennifer Ashley
Never Again- Michele Bardsley
Twilight's Dawn- Anne Bishop
Surrender to Me- Shayla Black
Sins of the House of Borgia- Sarah Bower
River Marked- Patricia Briggs
Pleasure Me- Monica Burns
Living On The Edge- Shannon K. Butcher
The Morganville Vampires Vol. 3- Rachel Caine
Accidentally Catty- Dakota Cassidy
To Defy a King- Elizabeth Chadwick
It Happened One Bite- Lydia Dare
Vampire's Consort- Bonnie Dee
The Guardian- Connie Hall
Moon Cursed- Lori Handeland
Clarity- Kim Harrington
Demonglass- Rachel Hawkins
Falling Under- Gwen Hayes
Taste Me- Tamara Hogan
Under Wraps- Hannah Jayne
The Dark-Hunters Vol. 4- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Key of Solomon- Cassiel Knight
Wicked Seduction- Jada Lee
Live Wire- Lora Leigh
Captured by the Highlander- Julianne MacLean
Beautiful Dead: Summer- Eden Maguire
Late Eclipse- Seanan McGuire
The Truth About Vampires- Theresa Meyers
Dark Mirror- M.J. Putney
Blackout- Rob Thurman
The Chaos- Rachel Ward
Highland Heat- Mary Wine
Devil's Own- Veronica Wolff
An Embarrassment of Riches- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Vespertine- Saundra Mitchell
Dante Valentine: The Complete Series- Lilith Saintcrow

Afterlife- Claudia Gray
The Hunt of the Unicorn- Chris Humphreys
Human.4- Mike A. Lancaster
Wicked Empress- Anitra Lynn McLeod
Wilder's Mate- Moira Rogers

The Turning Kiss- Eden Bradley
Shimmer- Alyson Noel
Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol. 3: Midnight- L.J. Smith
Steel- Carrie Vaughn

Chime- Franny Billingsley
The Screaming Season- Nancy Holder

In the Arms of Stone Angels- Jordan Dane
Wither- Lauren Destefano
Daughters of the Moon Volume II- Lynne Ewing
Seduce Me In Dreams- Jacquelyn Frank
The Vampire Voss- Colleen Gleason
Renegade Passions- Loribelle Hunt
Invincible- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Magic- Jennifer Lyon
The Pleasure Garden- Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte Featherstone & Kristi Astor
Spirit Dances- C.E. Murphy
The Dark & Hollow Places- Carrie Ryan

Surrender the Dark- L.A. Banks
Master and Apprentice- Sonya Bateman
Dark Jenny- Alex Bledsoe
Lady Doctor Wyre- Joely Sue Burkhart
Waking Nightmares- Christopher Golden
Born at Midnight- C.C. Hunter
Eternal Rider- Larissa Ione
Claimed by the Highlander- Julianne MacLean
Highlander's Curse- Melissa Mayhue
Black Blade Blues- J.A. Pitts
Fury of the Phoenix- Cindy Pon
Con & Conjure- Lisa Shearin
Lover Unleashed- J.R. Ward


  1. Anna,

    So many great books to look forward to reading. :)


  2. dang it!!! More to add to my wishlist! You enabler! LOL

  3. Michelle,

    Same here, I've pre-ordered some already. Cause we all know Walmart won't have them. ;)

  4. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I love that you do the release list every month. Great feature!

  5. Thanks Stephanie, I'm glad you enjoy the feature. Putting the list together is a lot of fun. I always end up adding more books to my list this way. :)

    *happy dancing*

    ... although I'm waiting for the library to get the hardcover... Oh well...

    *happy dancing*!! ^_^

  7. I'm looking forward to River Marked too. I haven't ordered it yet, because Walmart usually carries her books. So, I'm gonna wait and see if they get it before I order it.



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