Friday, February 18, 2011

[Series Spotlight/Giveaway] - Blood Bound

This month the Series Spotlight is on Blood Bound by Amy Blankenship & R.K. Melton. Blood Bound is a paranormal romance the revolves around several different types of supernatural creatures.  So, far I've read the first two books and I'm enjoying the series.

Moon Dance

Description:  Envy’s life was great. Great brother, great boyfriend, and the best job a girl could ask for… tending bar at the most popular clubs in the city. At least it was great until she got a call from one of her best friends about her boyfriend doing the vertical limbo on the dance floor at Moon Dance. Her decision to confront him begins a chain of events that will introduce her to a dangerous paranormal world hidden beneath the everyday humdrum. A world where people can transform into jaguars, real life vampires roam the streets, and fallen angels walk among us.

Devon is a werejaguar, a little rough around the edges and one of the joint owners of Moon Dance. His world is tilted on its axis when he spies an alluring vixen with red hair dancing in his club, armed with a cynical heart and a taser. With a vampire war raging around them, Devon vows to make this woman his… and will fight like hell to have her.

Where to Buy:
Amazon: Paperback & Kindle | Barnes & Noble: Paperback & Nook

Night Light

Description:  Quinn Wilder has watched her with the hungry eyes of a cougar since the day she was born. When she became a teenager, the temptation to claim her as his mate quickly became a rift between him and her overprotective brothers. When their fathers killed each other in battle, the ties between the two families were severed and she was taken safely out of his reach. Stalking her from a distance, Quinn finds the vampire war has its good points when she forgets to stay away.

Kat Santos hadn’t seen the owner of Night Light for years. That is until Quinn suddenly decides to kidnap her and accuse her of setting him up for the vampire murders. Realizing the enemy is playing them, the two families combine their strength to stop the vampires from terrorizing their city. As the underground war escalates, so do the flames of desire as what started out as a kidnapping quickly turns into a dangerous game of seduction.

Where to Buy:
Amazon: Paperback & Kindle | Barnes & Noble: Nook | Borders: Kobo

Dangerous Things

Description:  Everyone says there are two paths in life, but for Jewel Scott it looked like both of them were very dangerous. One led toward Anthony, a murdering psychopathic Werewolf who was also the head of the city mob and her fiancé… against her will.  The other road led toward Steven, a Werecougar whom she had knocked out with a baseball bat on their first meeting.  He retaliated by kidnapping her and making her his mate.

Steven Wilder had fallen for the bat-wielding temptress in more ways than just hitting the floor… he wanted to keep her. Finding out she was promised to the mob gave him the reason he needed to kidnap her and make her his mate… for her own protection, of course.

Anthony Valachi had become obsessed with Jewel when she was no more than a child and, under mob rule, he’d gained control of his bride to be. If anyone thought they could steal her away from him they were wrong… dead wrong.

Where to Buy:
Amazon: Kindle | Barnes & Noble: Nook | Borders: Kobo
Since I forgot to do a Valentine's giveaway, I'm making up for it now.  I have a paperback copy of Night Light (Book #2) to giveaway.  To enter fill out the form below. This giveaway is open to everyone. The winner will be announced on February 28th.  Good Luck!


  1. Woooow, thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. I love paranormal romance, and I am always searching for writers that I haven't read before. Your books have already have me creating a new wishlist as the stories look inviting and exciting. Thank you for contest, and giving us a chance at winning your wonderful books.



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