Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughts on True Blood (spoiler free)

Sunday night's Season 4 premiere of True Blood was pretty amazing. I was shocked for most of the episode. I had no idea that it would end up going the way it did, but I loved every minute and can't wait for more.

I have read both good and bad comments on the episode. I feel the ones who going "OMG what have the done to my favorite book" need to set a side what they know of the books.  I know that sounds crazy and being a fan of the books, I can hardly believe I just said that. But I think doing this, they would enjoy the show a lot more.

During Season 1 I did a lot bitching and comparing with the TV show & the book series. Some things still annoy me, but I've learned just to to go with it and enjoy Alan Ball's vision. Something good to remember is that True Blood the TV show is a different creature than the Sookie Stackhouse book series.  In the opening credits towards the end it says: "Based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels" not "Word for Word of the Sookie Stackhouse novels."  :)


  1. Thank you Anna, I've been dying to talk to somebody about TB!

    I read the books, but didn't enjoy them, I thought they were a little boring and didn't give me the graphic details that I crave with my vamps.

    However, I love the show. I'm so happy that they have strayed from the books.

    I'm trying to keep with the no spoilers. I loved Sunday night. From start to finish I couldn't look away from the tv. I was also really happy to see Bill with a different look, his hair was darker & shorter and he didn't appear to be so pale, he was much more attractive to me this season. Oh & Eric, that man just melts my butter.

    Can't wait for the next one!

  2. Hi Jenn...

    The books were my intro to Paranormal Romance and I still love them, but I love the show just as well.

    Although Stephen Moyer is a bit of a hottie, I don't like his version of Bill all that much. I prefer the one in the books. I have to agree though they have him looking and dressing better.

    I'm on the same page with you for Eric, he's too hot for words. They ended the episode in the perfect spot, but damn if it didn't have me wanting more. :)

  3. Michelle,

    Season 3 was a good one. Hope your enjoying it. :)

  4. Anna,

    Well, you know I love it! :)

    Charlaine Harris even posted on her FB page that the books and the show should not be compared - because they are two separate entities.

    I can't wait to find out what is in store for season 4.


  5. Michelle,

    Yep I do.

    I have read that too and she's so right. I can't wait either. So far, I've resist watching episode 2 on HBOGo. ;)

  6. I also love TB!! I read the Sookie books first, and then gave the show a try. I am hooked! And the first episode of season 4 was pretty shocking (that's all I'm saying!). Love your blog!



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