Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Review] - Undead and Undermined

Title: Undead and Undermined
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Series: Undead/Queen Betsy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 5, 2011

This book was a gift from a friend.

Summary:  So this is what being dead feels like. Vampire queen Betsy Taylor has awoken in a Chicago morgue, naked as a corpse. Her last memory is reconciling with her husband, Eric Sinclair, after a time-traveling field trip, including an indirect route to hell (literally), with her sister, Laura. Now she's Jane Doe #291, wrapped in plastic with a toe tag. Betsy can't help but wonder, what in the hell happened.

Thoughts: I am not a fashionista or have an obsession for shoes, but I love this series. Queen Betsy is selfish and at times moronic, but I love her for all those things too. She is hilarious and what ever the issue is she's usually going 100 miles a minute. 

This latest installment is the 10th book in the series.  For a while I had thought about not continuing the series because I hadn't enjoyed the last few books as much as the early ones.  I'm glad I stuck it out because Undead and Undermined was worth it.  As always Betsy is laugh out loud funny and shocking as ever, maybe even more so.  Once again Ms. Davidson has turned Betsy's world upside down.  She has taken the story to a place I didn't even think it would or could go, but it works and I loved it. I can't wait to read more of this storyline.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

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  1. Book 1 is still waiting for my on my shelf..shall read it soon

  2. I have only read the first two in the series, but I remember they were hilarious! I need to continue this series now thanks to your review!

  3. I wondered what was going to happen after finding out whose skin was covering the book of the dead. I hadn't realzied the next book was out. Thanks for the heads up and the review!

  4. well that is another for the reading list! I'll definately have to look up this series!



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