Monday, September 26, 2011

[ARC Review] - The Goblin King

Title: The Goblin King
Author: Shona Husk
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 1, 2011

I received this book for review from Sourcebooks.

Summary: ONCE UPON A TIME...
A man was cursed to the Shadowlands, his heart replaced with a cold lump of gold. In legends, he became known as

For a favored few he will grant a wish. Yet, desperately clinging to his waning human soul, his one own desire remains unfulfilled:

But who would consent to move from the modern-day worl into the realm of nightmares? No matter how deep his falor, loving him is dangerous. And the one woman who might dare to try could also destroy forever his chance at a HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Thoughts: Roan was cursed to the Shadowlands. Now he is legend, The Goblin King. His only care and desire is for gold. But then he is summoned by Eliza and all that changes. Once he has her - she becomes vital to his being. Eliza can make or break his world.

This is the first book that contained a goblin that I enjoyed. The Goblin King was an exciting read. It has a great fairy-tale feel to it. Dark, fresh and tantalizing. I loved that yes Roan is a Goblin, but he's also a cursed man. Husk has created a rich new world. I thought it was a great story, with a beautiful ending.

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

Upcoming Releases:
The Summons (The Goblin King prequel, out now)
Dark Vow- November 14, 2011
Brightwater Blood- January 31, 2012
Kiss of the Goblin Prince- May 2012
For the Love of a Goblin Warrior- Fall 2012


  1. I am reading this one soon so good to hear it is good, and I have sure never seen a hero goblin

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this one--the idea of a goblin as the hero, a sexy one at that (if the cover model is anything to go on, of course), is not something I've seen yet, but I'm keeping an open mind about it. :D Great review!


  3. Great review, love the idea of the Goblin King, it's different. Do you know whether this series will feature the same characters in the next books?

  4. Hi Van,

    Well The Goblin King as two brothers So, I'm thinking it will be one of them. Book 2, is called
    Kiss of the Goblin Prince.



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