Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cover Discovery

This book isn't a new one, but it is being re-released with a new cover. A Taste For Passion is the first book in the Kendrian series by Patrice Michelle. It's the first paperback that I bought from Ellora's Cave. It's still one my favorite series. If you love vampires you'll want to check this one out.

**the re-release date: coming soon**

Book Description:

Rana Sterling finally meets the man of her dreams and boy does he know how to push all the right buttons. Only, Mr. Tall, Dark and Too-Good-to-Be-True turns out to be just that–he’s beyond her world.

Lucian Trevane has a duty to fulfill. He’s expected to take the role of VitĂ©, leader of all the vampires, but he knows he won’t take the position without his mate by his side.

Now, after searching seventy years for his reincarnated fiancé, he finally finds his mate in Rana. Only he has a slight problem, Rana refuses to become his vampire wife. Add to the mixture a vengeful vampire, a surprise twist and time ticking against him, Lucian will have to call upon all his vampire skills and beyond in order to draw Rana fully into his world.

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  1. I've read some of Patrice Michele's books and liked them.



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