Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Blog with J.A. Saare

It's a pleasure to welcome back J.A. Saare, author of Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between & The Renfield Syndrome.

I know it’s a bit early to discuss Halloween, but when Anna asked me to stop by the blog I couldn’t help myself. This time of year is my favorite. The leaves change color, the temperature drops, and you know Christmas is right around the corner.

In celebration, I thought I’d share five things I love about Halloween.

5. The Change in Season. I absolutely love the fall. Although I wear my boots year round, when autumn arrives, I’m actually in style when I venture out to shop. Sweaters are also a plus, since they are super comfy and wonderful to lounge around in.

4. The Decorations.
Our yard becomes a creepy display of ghosts, skeletons, and headstones. I love searching for signs, things to hang from the trees and, of course, pumpkins to carve. With four children it has become a family tradition. By the end of September the kiddos are asking when we can pull the bins down from the attic and get the house (both inside and out) into proper form.

3. Horror Movies. I’m a horror movie nut, and Halloween is the perfect time to break out the classics. Fright Night, The Company of Wolves, The Monster Squad, Once Bitten, Trick ‘r Treat and Dracula are just a few of the favorites I watch each year. 

2. The Costumes / Trick or Treating.
Although I don’t dress up every year, I do enjoy helping the kiddos pick out or design their costumes. It’s especially fun when you pull out the make-up and turn them into something they think is super scary.

1. Haunted Houses. Every year my husband and I visit at least one. Last year we were fortunate enough to travel to four! I’m not easily rattled, so we kept searching for one that could make me scream or jump. We visited Sloss Furnace, Arx Mortis, Lester Hospital, and Atrox Factory. Unfortunately, I never got my fix. Even when I was in the front of the group at Arx Mortis, which should be the best seat in the house, the people behind me were terrified and wanted to rush through.

Not cool when you’re a gore whore and want to take it all in.

However, despite the lack of scares, Atrox Factory was a definite winner. The actors touch the visitors and the effects are amazing. I made sure to stay at the back of the line and walked through at my own pace. If you don’t scare easily, I always recommend you go to the back of the line. Yes, more things jump out at you, but you get your money’s worth. *grin*

So what about you? Do you love Halloween? Are you planning on visiting any haunted houses this year? Leave a comment and tell me what your plans are!

Links to Haunted Houses if you want to link to them:
By. J.A. Saare

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After all, when it’s all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.

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  1. Nice guestpost :) We do not celebrate Halloween here, but then we get our candy on Easter ;)

  2. Easter is also fun. :D Any holiday that brings out candy is a good one in my opinion.

  3. I love Halloween! Sadly, I haven't been to a haunted house in years. I scare quiet easily, but love watching scary movies especially in the month of October. Haunted/ghost stories are another favorite. I always end up watching Biography's Haunted History show. I think I've seen them all, but they so interesting.

    We get a big crowd of trick or treaters. I usually dress-up and hand out candy. Not sure what I'll dress up as. But it'll be fun time I'm sure. :)

    Haunted History link if anyone is interested and checking it out:

  4. I haven't been to a Haunted House but my daughter has. I was never overly excited over Halloween.
    Now chocolate at Easter, that's good.

  5. Anna, I loved handing out candy before I had kids. I'll have to check out your link. Sounds great!

    Diane, I understand. I also love Christmas. :) The lights, the music, the atmosphere = lovely.



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