Saturday, October 22, 2011

[Review] - Pariah, Issue #3

Title: Pariah, Issue #3
Writers: Aron Warner, Philip Gelatt
Artists: Brett Weldele
Cover Artists: Brett Weldele
Series: Pariah
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: September 2011

Summary:  Robert Maudsley knows what makes us tick. He knows what people want, need, hate and love. He can use that knowledge to get us to do whatever he wants, no matter how dangerous, immoral or repugnant that might be. Maudsley has no moral compass. He has no compassion. But he's very curious about how far he can push people and what he can get away with. Maudsley wants to rule the world... to control us all. Maudsley is 15 years old.

Thoughts: This issue revolves around Robert Maudsley. He is a very, very smart 15 year old. He knows what he is doing but doesn't care. Conniving and very dangerous. This was definitely an interesting part of the story.

The story begins in 2023, two years before The Marinus Incident and we are introduced to Robert Maudsley. This guy and what he can do is kinda scary, but I very much enjoyed his story. I loved the coloring in this one, it really sets the tone. So far I'm loving this comic. Each issue brings a new story of a different teenager. Looking forward to reading more.

Score: 4 Stars

Where to Buy:
Sea Lion Books

Check out the rest of the videos at Pariah's YouTube Channel.

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