Monday, October 31, 2011

Winners - The Temple

Heather has decided to giveaway two ebook copies of The Temple. Here are the winners and their winning Halloween Memory:

Lori's Halloween Memory: My story's not nearly as awesome as yours, but one year, I went dressed as a a 1920 flapper, platinum blonde wig and all. Unfortunately, everyone thought I'd dressed up as a stripper.

Arianne Cruz
Arianne's Halloween Memory: My Halloween is not funny but I'll tell u anyway. I dressed up as "Modern Mother Earth" (i made it up) and met my friends. We didn't go trick or treating but we did walk miles to get some food and then realize the restaurant was already closed. Did I mention I was in 3" boots? We tried to order on a KFC drive thru and the associate asked where was our car and we said we don't have any. Long story short, no food for us. On our way back home, something developed and that was the start of my ex courting me. The end.

Congrats!! Heather will be contacting both of you very soon. 


  1. Sweet!!!! Man, I love this holiday. So far, more treats than tricks!

    Thank you so much!!!!!




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