Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Blog & Giveaway with Teresa D'Amario

It's a pleasure to welcome Teresa D'Amario back to the blog. She's the author of the True Mate & Maxey Wizard series. Please give her a warm welcome. 

Hi Anna!  It's so great to be here.  Your blog has grown so much since my last visit, and yet you're still one of my favorites to drop in on.  I hope Halloween was good to your blog, because I know you had tons going on. :)

So, What shall we talk about?  Oh, wait, I have a new release.  And another one coming soon. Yes, Blood Moon Betrayed has hit the virtual shelves and is selling like hot cakes.  If you haven't gotten your copy yet, head on over to Freya's Bower or Amazon, or even to get your copy today, because you won't want to miss it.

Of all my books, I'd have to say Blood Moon Betrayed is a little different than the others.  While yes, we have the alpha hero, he isn't challenged in the same manner as the others.  His biggest challenge - Himself.  In some ways, despite the wolf residing within, he's like humans who've had a difficult time and have lost their way.  He hasn't been hung from his toes and skinned alive.  No, he's been mentally abused to the point he doesn't trust his own decisions. 

Some say that mental abuse is more difficult to overcome than the physical.  So what do you think would be the toughest?  To overcome the hanging by your toes scenario?  Or do you think it would be more difficult to overcome the loss of your wife and children - not because they are dead, but because you have failed them?  Leave your answer and be qualified to get your copy of Blood Moon Betrayed free!

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And don't forget to watch for Lone Wolf - if you missed it when it was first release, I plan to re-release it in December with a new sexy cover!

Blood Moon Betrayed
By Teresa D'Amario

Out Now!

Sean left his pack, searching for an inner peace destroyed when his one daughter was shot and the other kidnapped and tortured.  Not to mention his  mate had left him.  He gave up his position as pack  leader and headed out to the woods. But when he found a woman being beaten by two humans, he is jolted by the realization she's his True mate.

Caden lives in fear, and at last her terror has caught up with her.  Her ex-husband has decided it's time for her to die.  Just as she's about to breathe her last, a man tells her everything is going to be okay.

But how can it be, when her ex-husband still wants her dead?
And once Sean brings her back to his home, secrets are revealed, and it seems no one is going to be okay.  For as the blood moon rises in the October sky, betrayal is in the wind, and upon it floats the scent of death.

True Mate series:
Dark Succession
Leopard's Key
Blood Moon Betrayed

Maxey Wizards series:
Tigeress by the Tail
Lone Wolf

To learn more check out Teresa's website:


  1. I have a very low tolerance for pain... so I would say it would be tougher to overcome the physical. I can turn off my emotions even part of the time emotionally, but I can't turn off the pain of the physical.

    email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

  2. I think it would be harder to get over the loss of loved ones.

  3. Good question. I think mental pain is harder to get over because it runs on a loop tape in our brains and is very hard to move past, whereas it seems like physical pain is mercifully blanked out when we try to remember it. Best wishes on your release.

  4. Honestly, I think it would be more difficult to get over failing your family. To feel like maybe you could have saved them and you didn't. That's not to say that physical abuse is any less harrowing. It is just a different sort of thing and can't be quantified in the same way.

  5. Hey ladies, thanks for stopping by. It is true that physical pain has a natural block in our memories. If you think of the most painful event in your life, you can't remember the pain half as bad as you can remember the circumstances that brought it on. So yes, emotional pain is much more "embedded" in your brain (scientific fact). Some say this is so women can actually want kids again after their first time giving birth. *snort*. You tell me. LOL.

    JenM, and thank you, yes I'm very excited with this release.

  6. Hard to lose a daughter and see another one hurt, then come upon another woman being killed. I takes a lot of courage to help!

  7. I think the toughest would be the loss of family. Physical pain eventually heals and sometimes all that's left are scars, but the mental anguish will never completely go away.

    Awesome giveaway!

  8. I think it's definitely harder to handle the emotional wounds and scars of losing your loved ones. The physical can heal but the emotional lingers for a long, long time.

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  9. Hey Ladies, so glad to have you all visit. I tend to think the same, but there's a catch22 here. Because physical pain almost always comes with emotional pain, unless it's the birth of a child or something. I thought about that later, after I wrote the post. I was once in an accident that messed up my knee, and I was terrified to drive for a good year - I was only on crutches for 3 mos. Makes you go "hmmm". LOL

  10. The loss of family would be the hardest to overcome for me.



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