Friday, January 13, 2012

Freebie for Friday the 13th

Urban Fantasy Thriller - The Heretic, book one of the Templar Chronicles By Joseph Nassise is a free download for Kindle this weekend starting today.  Here is the link:

Book Description:
A former SWAT officer turns modern Templar Knight in this exciting new urban fantasy series for fans of Jim Butcher, Rob Thurman, and Patricia Briggs!

A chance encounter with one of the Hellspawn left Cade Williams with certain unique traits, including the ability to walk between the lands of the living and those of the dead. Now, as commander of the Echo Team, the special operations unit within the Templar hierarchy, he has devoted his life to using his "gifts" to protect mankind from the things that lurk in the darkness.

When a Templar commandery is invaded and its occupants mercilessly slaughtered, Knight Commander Williams is called in to hunt down those responsible. His investigation quickly leads him to a cabal of necromancers known as the Council of Nine.

There's only one problem.

The necromancers are allied with the same supernatural creature that left Cade for dead five years before. A creature so powerful that the Templars know it only as the Adversary.

In order to stop the killing, Cade will be forced to face his own personal demons. Not just those deep inside his heart, but also the one that left him scarred, body and soul.

The same demon that has already beaten him once before...

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  1. *sobs* Amazon won't let me download b/c I don't have a kindle and apparently the version of mac I'm using isn't compatible with their kindle reader program. :_( And I was looking forward to reading this one, too. Bummer.

    Thanks for the heads up, anyhow.




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