Monday, February 27, 2012

March Book Releases

Darkness Bound- Stella Cameron
Forever Claimed- Rachel Lee
The Half-Breed Vampire- Theresa Meyers
The Ruby Kiss- Helen Scott Taylor

Timeless- Gail Carriger

Illuminate- Aimee Agresti
Wicked Edge- Nina Bangs
Now or Never- Michele Bardsley
Bridge of Dreams- Anne Bishop
Fair Game- Patricia Briggs
Taking a Shot- Jaci Burton
Dying Wish- Shannon K. Butcher
Waltz this Way- Dakota Cassidy
Everlasting- Elizabeth Chandler
The Royal Pain- MaryJanice Davidson
Assassins in Love- Kris DeLake
True Highland Spirit- Amanda Forester
Balthazar- Claudia Gray
Night Hunter- Vonna Harper
Oracle's Moon- Thea Harrison
Eventide- Elle Jasper
The Drowning Girl- Caitlin R. Kiernan
Soul Bound- Mari Mancusi
Discount Armageddon- Seanan McGuire
Crucible of Gold- Naomi Novick
The Sister Queens- Sophie Perinot
Hunter's Prey- Moira Rogers
Darkness Undone- Jessa Slade
A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing- Terry Spear
Anchor- Jorrie Spencer
Embrace- Jessica Shirvington
Doubletake- Rob Thurman
Dire Needs- Stephanie Tyler
Nightborn- Lynn Viehl
Vampire's Kiss- Veronica Wolff

The Isis Collar- Cat Adams
Howl For Me- Dana Marie Belle
The Savage Grace- Bree Despain
Spell Bound- Rachel Hawkins
Eye of the Sword- Karyn Henley
Bound By Desire- Jaymie Holland
Infamous- Sherrilyn Kenyon
A Dream of Stone & Shadow- Marjorie M. Liu
Starters- Lissa Price
Commedia Della Morte- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Book of Lost Frangrances- M.J. Rose

Afterglow- Cherry Adair
Born to Darkness- Suzanne Brockmann
Deadly Is The Kiss- Rhyannon Byrd
Darkest Knight- Karen Duvall
The Werewolf's Wife- Michele Hauf
Loss- Jackie Morse Kessler
A Temptation of Angels- Michelle Zink

Arthur, A.C.- Temptation Rising
Deliverance- Dakota Banks
Range of Ghosts- Elizabeth Bear
Back from the Undead- DD Barant
Goddess Interrupted- Aimee Carter
Wicked As They Come- Delilah S. Dawson
Slide- Jill Hathaway
Sacrificial Magic- Stacia Kane
Bear Meets Girl- Shelly Laurenston
Invisible Sun- David Macinnis Gill
The Saint- Monica McCarty
Highland Avenger- Hannah Howell
Blood on the Bayou- Stacey Jay
A Game of Thrones GN Vol. 1- George R.R. Martin
Blood Secret- Sharon Page
Sins of the Son- Linda Poitevin
Caught in the Act- Jill Sorenson
Wanted: Undead or Alive- Kerrelyn Sparks
The Kingdom- Amanda Stevens
The Seduction of Phaeton Black- Jillian Stone
Shadow's Fall- Dianne Sylvan
Lover Reborn- J.R. Ward


  1. I cannot believe it's almost March already!

    Fair Game!!! I wish it was a Mercy book, but I'll take an Alpha & Omega one!

    And HOLY COW, I almost forgot! Is it already time for another BDB release? And OMG it's finally Tohr's book?? Never thought this day would EVER get here..

  2. I know it's a little hard to believe for me too.

    I was wishing it was the next Mercy too. I like Charles and Anna, but its not my favorite series.

    I'm so excited for Tohr's book! It's gonna be so interesting to see how it plays out.



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