Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Review: The WondaWedge

The WondaWedge is an inflatable reading pillow designed by a physiotherapist that doubles as an outdoor lounger – it’s great for concerts, picnics, camping and more (reading on the beach?).

WondaWedge is a great product to have. I tend to switch positions a lot when I'm reading or watching tv, so the WondaWedge is ideal. It easily inflates in a matter of minutes and it's comfortable. You can move the WondaWedge in the 3 different positions: (as seen below) sitting upright, lumbar roll and reclining. Personally my favorite position is the lumbar roll. Feels really nice on my back.

If orange isn't your color, The WondaWedge comes in a variety of colors. It's available online and bookstores. Check the link out to find the closest retail store near you.

I highly recommend this product. It's fun and a great way to relax. 

Sitting Upright

Lumbar Roll


The WondaWedge was sent to me for review from Cypress Creek Marketing.


1.  Beach lounger, sand won’t stick to or penetrate
2.  Fishing back support for more relaxing fishing from the dock or lakeside
3.  Tent lounger/Camping lounger  – pack it along with your tent
4.  RV accessory – deflates for compact storage
5.  Outdoor concert seating – easy to carry, doesn’t tear up the turf
6.  Picnic seating – better than just a blanket
7.  Boating lounger – recline in style on your pontoon, sailboat or yacht
8.  Soccer sideline seating – more comfortable than bleachers or a blanket
9. Outdoor plays/movies – lean back and enjoy the show!
10. Stargazing/Fireworks displays –  perfect for watching the night sky  
11. Poolside lounger – less expensive than a chaise lounge

13. Recuperation back support – just home from the hospital
14. Reading in bed –  Chiropractors recommend firm support rather than bed pillows
15. Dorm Accessory  – multi position support for a myriad of activities
16. Meditation lower back support – focus on meditating, not your aching back!
17. Meditation workshop seating – don’t spend the day without back support
18. Sleep aid for GERD, Acid Reflux, respiratory problems, Scoliosis, Sciatica
19. Pregnancy relaxation aid/breast feeding back support and birthing class pillow
20. Gaming/television floor seat – proper back support while having fun!
21. Backrest for long-haul truckers in the truck cabin

WondaWedges have been purchased by customers for these creative ideas:

·    Fireworks on the National Mall
·    Relaxing on remote beaches where there are no chaise lounges
·    Viewing a space shuttle launch
·    Giveaways in gift bags for premium customers
·    Backpacking in Oregon
·    Pool Party gift from the hosting organization
·    Relaxation in-room on a cruise ship
·    Teachers buy them for elementary school reading circles

We donate WondaWedges to clinics and hospitals in 62 countries where there are no adjustable hospital beds, through Direct Relief International.  We also donate 10% of annual profits from the THINK PINK WondaWedge to breast cancer research.


  1. Anna,

    Dalton would love one of these for when he's playing his video games. :)


  2. I need one of these! My back would thank me! LOL
    I wonder if they have it in purple?



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