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[Review] - Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

Title: Dark Companion
Author: Marta Acosta
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: July 3, 2012

I received this book from Tor Teen, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary:  Orphaned at the age of six, Jane Williams has grown up in a series of foster homes, learning to survive in the shadows of life. Through hard work and determination, she manages to win a scholarship to the exclusive Birch Grove Academy. There, for the first time, Jane finds herself accepted by a group of friends.

She even starts tutoring the headmistress’s gorgeous son, Lucien. Things seem too good to be true.

They are.

The more she learns about Birch Grove’s recent past, the more Jane comes to suspect that there is something sinister going on. Why did the wife of a popular teacher kill herself? What happened to the former scholarship student, whose place Jane took? Why does Lucien’s brother, Jack, seem to dislike her so much?
As Jane begins to piece together the answers to the puzzle,she must find out why she was brought to Birch Grove—and what she would risk to stay there….

Thoughts: From a young age Jane Williams has been spending time in a number of foster homes. Living a lonely life of survival. That is until she receives  a scholarship to Birch Grove Academy. She is taken under the wings of Headmistress Radcliffe and finds herself with a group of friends that actually like her.  She is starting to love the school, her new life and the birch woods. But Jane knows something is not right with the school, the woods and the Radcliffe brothers.

I have enjoyed all of Ms. Acosta's previous novels so it was no surprise how easily I was sucked into Jane's story and the world of Birch Grove.  I loved this book more than I thought I would. Once I started I couldn't stop, I had to find out with the devil was going on. Quite the mystery too. I absolutely adore Jane, she was quite different to other characters I read about... but still very intriguing.  She was very real and I believe readers will be able to relate to her easily. Mary Violet, Jane's new best friend is a great character. She makes a wonderful counter part for Jane. She's simply laugh out loud funny. Birch Grove, the school itself is a stand out character as well. Creepy, but also very inviting. You'll be wishing you went there. Dark Companion is mysterious and compelling.  An exciting story that is beautifully dark. If you are looking for a good Gothic novel to read, you won't want to miss this one.

Fans of Marta Acosta's Casa Dracula series will definitely enjoy this story.

Score: 5 Stars

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one,my reaction was more of a love hate relationship,I loved the world building the creepy vibe was there the whole time but hated how Lucky treated Jane which kind of brought it down for me.

    1. Yeah, I didn't like Lucky either.



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