Monday, August 27, 2012

[ARC Review] - A Lady and Her Magic by Tammy Falkner

Title: A Lady and Her Magic
Author: Tammy Falkner
Genre: Fantasy/Historical Romance
Release Date: September 1, 2012

I received this book from Sourcebooks, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary:  Rules Are Made To Be Disobeyed...

Sophia Thorne is new to the Regency's glittering high society, which resembles her magical homeland only insofar as both places are filled with ridiculous rules. Which means no matter where she goes, she's bound for trouble...

And Scandals Are Meant To Be Shocking...

The Duke of Robinsworth has flaunted and shocked society for years. In a moment of fateful mischief, Robinsworth encounters the enchanting and distinctly scandalous Sophia. Between her streak of magical mischief and his penchant for scandal, they're about to take rule-breaking to a whole new level...

Thoughts: Since the death of his wife the Duke of Robinsworth has been a bit of a recluse. Especially with all the rumors going around that he actually killed his wife. So the Duke finds it simpler to stay away from society functions. Then he meets the enchanting Sophie Thorne. She is new to the ton and it's her first time away from her homeland and she's on a mission.

I loved it! The story was a thrilling read. Both Sophia and Ashley (The Duke) are interesting characters to read about.  Ashley's daughter was a treat as well. It was amazing how she went from brat to angel in a matter of seconds. I loved that faeries are among the ton. Definitely adds a new twist to the Regency.  A Lady and Her Magic is a fun, romantic and magical. I highly recommend this one.

**Ms. Falkner is one half of the writing duo behind Lydia Dare. If you enjoy their Regency Vampires and Werewolves you'll love Falkner's debut novel.

Score: 4 Stars

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  1. This book sounds really good! I'm gonna have to get this one next week.

    1. This one is definitely up your alley. :)



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