Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 I hope everyone has a fun and safe night.
  That is my cat Rayn (pronounced Rain) in the picture. These last few months have been terrible for him. He had 20 kidney stones removed and then after the surgery he refused to drink and eat. That resulted in getting a feeding tube put in. For 45 days we had to feed him through the tube, it was quite a stressful time. He also dropped a lot of weight, back in May he weighed 18 pounds and now he is at 12 pounds. At the beginning of October he was finally back to his old self and eating again. Thankfully they were able to remove the tube and so far he is doing great.

Thank you to all the comments of prayers I received through Facebook!


  1. There is our handsome Rayn! You better give him a treat soon for that shirt or you might end up missing some books!

  2. Poor adorable Rayn! I am so glad he's getting better! My daughter's cat, Muffin, developed lymphoma and is now on her second round of chemo - as long as she isn't suffering and able to enjoy life, we're all doing everything we can to help her <3



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